More than just a DJ or producer, Random Rab is a powerful figure head in the rapidly growing Transformational Festival scene. His sets have blurred the boundaries between genres, immersing his audience in music as a way of ceremony and deep connection to the cultures that surround.

Often a festival headliner, his patient, provocative journeys – for both sunrise and sunset – have become the rite of passage for festival goers from Lightning in a Bottle, to Boom, to Northern Nights, to Shambhala, to his seven consecutive Costa Rican sunrises at Envision Festival. His musical ceremonies in Black Rock City have become a Burning Man staple.

A luminary of the West Coast’s psychedelic-bass music scene, Random Rab rises to occasion with Formless Edge, his eleventh full-length solo opus, released on June 16, 2017 and available now.

Featuring 15 songs that unveil an ever-evolving transcendence of styles, each encoded with his unique eclectic vibration. Placing a focus on fidelity, and the delicate dance between the organic and electronic, Formless Edge transmits a bold frontier in sound design that incorporates over 30 unique instruments and collaborations with Lapa, Rigzin, Kyrstyn Pixton, Jason Kalidas, and Peia.

Rab’s album is a storied songbook and an amalgam of deftly blended instrumentation over organic electronics, the sonics of nature, and a mystical healing element that will leave you fixated on each track as they progress.

I’ve been approaching my electronic sound in a new way, focusing on analog frequencies and fidelity. As opposed to simply computer generated tones, I treat electronic sound like an instrument. I pull digital sounds into the analog realm to bring up the resolution and bring it back in so it’s actually a pristine analog recording

Formless Edge has all the elements of introspection and a journey to an ethereal world. His First single “Gimme That Hope” is the embarkation point, and Rab captains a patient and spirited build. “A Little More Free” is a mantra for self-empowerment, mined from a personal journey inward.

My favorite track is a song featuring the divine Tibetan Buddhist co-creator Rigzin called “Bodhicitta”, weaving together electronic beats with a captivating, powerful voice that takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more.

Amid the minimalist programming and signature electro his experimentalism truely shines as the album progress through “Outpost Aurora” and arrives at “Parallels”, One of three collaborations with Lapa, the songs are something you will want to continue to venture back to time and time again.

He truly is a magician, creating songs of faith and devotion, and inspiring a generation of dreamers to go deeper.

Formless Edge is available via major digital outlets including Bandcamp and iTunes. Special edition audiophile 24-bit flash drive and Formless Edge 6×6 8-page book of artwork is also available via Bandcamp.

In support of the new album, Random Rab is touring this summer with ten cities across North America and Hungary. His next stop being Northern Nights Festival July 14th-16th, followed by a stop in Hungary’s O.Z.O.R.A festival only to come back to North America for 4 of the top festivals in the world. Beloved, Shambala, Global Eclipse, and Burning Man.

I know I will be at 3 of those festivals and can not wait to witness these new tracks in person.

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