Remember the early nineties, when indie exploded? Rhyming verses, a big chorus and a bunch of drunk, elated fans mouthing hooky lyrics. These days it’s all a bit demure. Where there was once sweat there’s a hipster haircut, anthems are exchanged for something a bit more experimental and a beer’s second preference to a nettle tea. It’s all about lo-fi twee.

Rise from the rubble Loon Lake: a Melbourne based five piece, armed with nothing but catchy chords, a sprinkle of honesty and some unpretentious indie pop.

Avoiding artifice, Lake Loon’s latest offering “Carolina”, is expressively authentic in its sentiments and simplicity. An stadium-sized and carefree chorus, that simultaneously and excitedly sings of regret. Here lies the kind of track that will leap into your head, etch its lyrics on your brain and then pursue you for the rest of the day.

Unashamedly uncomplicated, “Carolina” may just be the perfect summer fling.

Carolina is out now, Loon Lake’s full length album Gloamer is released October 11th

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