We fell in love with the original and summery-to-the-max sound of Brooklyn sextet Los Encantados a while ago, when they dropped Chapter 1 of their The Same Damned Soul project. Now they’re back with Chapter 2, and it’s another short, but sweet hit of near-perfect rock’n’roll tracks, stuffed full with pop hooks and choruses to die for. Highlight track “St Tropez” is full of pomp and shoutalong vocals, with a killer guitar riff to boot, while closer “Pour Toi” shows a softer, more sentimental side to the band. A must-have for any lover of danceable indie-rock, The Same Damned Soul (Chapter 2) is out now.

’Los Encantados – St Tropez’
’Los Encantados – OMFD’
’Los Encantados – Pour Toi’
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