Brighton’s Phoria has a very moody, ethereal and chill EP for us here. The band is setting its sights high, drawing influence from champions like Radiohead and Sigur Ros (I love a band with ambition!). Their sophomore EP “Bloodworks” definitely shows off their work ethic: “Bloodworks” is all at once thoughtful and dramatic, but at the same time accessible and easy to enjoy.  With a downtempo electro-pop feel and haunting vocals, this is a perfect album for a rainy day.

The opening song, “Posture,”begins with a slow, smoky, almost jazzy melody with soft vocals, then bursts into intricate and hauntingly emotional song with electro elements that reminded me a bit of Puscifer. The second song, “Red,” is softer with some subtle piano chords.I love piano addition here! As a guy that still tinkers with the instrument, I was pleased to hear it used effectively as both a percussion and string instrument in “Red.” “Set your Mind on It” is the final track on the EP. It’s slow, like most of the album, with the same dreamy vocals and subtle downtempo beats as the rest of the EP.

We’ll look forward to hearing more from these guys from across the pond. Take a listen at the EP here.

’Once Again’
’Set Your Mind On It’
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