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[Alternative] Tor Miller- ‘Hold The Phone’ & ‘Midnight’

Experience the talents of Brooklyn based Tor Miller with two cuts from his Headlights EP coming Feb. 2 on Glassnote Records. With his genuine pen and natural tone, this twenty year old is on his way to major success. These imaginative tunes are spirited and true. You’ll find yourself lost in the extraordinary piano work and gladly carrying the weight of Miller’s vocals on ‘Hold The Phone’ & ‘Midnight’. It’s easy to enjoy and support music with such backbone. In addition to Zane Lowe premiering ‘Midnight’ on BBC Radio 1, Billboard provided the initial online coverage, labeling it as a “stirring ballad.” His debut EP is sure to attract plenty of attention. It’s not everyday we learn of such a talented piano player.

’Hold The Phone’
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Missy Elliott – 9th Inning and Triple Threat ft. Timbaland

Thinking back on the 90’s and early 00’s, the dynamic duo Timbaland and Missy Elliott ruled the radio stations and rap game with consecutive innovative and revolutionary hits that were equally bizarre and dope. Although these two have not collaborated in over a decade, they reunite to take over the charts and radios once again with Missy’s newest singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat”.

Almost like they never left. Teaming up and delivering some raw-rap flow reminiscent of their earlier days together, Timb and Missy bring some old school feel on “9th Inning”. Complete with horns, a start-and-stop dancehall vibe and piano rips, this Timbaland produced single has both emcees dropping sick verses to salvage a music scene in a “bad state”. “Triple Threat” is the faster tempo, more club-friendly track of the two singles. Coupled with drums, synths, and Timbaland on the hook, this up-beat party single has Missy boasting about her triple threat talents of singing, rapping, and dancing.

Missy Elliot & Timbaland – 9th Inning
’Missy Elliot ft Timbaland – Triple Threat’

Both songs are available now on iTunes and will be featured on Missy’s upcoming LP, appropiately titled Block Party, due out later this year.

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