When I try to describe music whether a person should or shouldn’t listen to a certain band, song or playlist, I try to link the music to an emotion or an experience. As I listened to This Is An Adventure by The Lighthouse and the Whaler, I found myself thinking of riding a bike through the city, taking a car trip with my girlfriend to go hiking, or cruising around with my friends searching for a new place to celebrate happy hour. The little adventures in life deserve a good soundtrack, and This Is An Adventure is the perfect album for your little daily-grind-breaking rituals and excursions.

The album gives the listener a cheerful, upbeat set of tunes that blend together in a quite accessible album. The album begins with chimes and poppy top-shelf drumming in “Pioneers,” while the lead singer waxes nostalgic with his lyrics about being a child again. “Venice” showcases the band’s ability to diversify by providing a simple, guitar picked melody made thoughtful by the addition of a violin slowly pulling notes in the background. The singer adding his own “oh-oh-oh-a-oh” chorus suites the string addition, and gives the listener a fun opportunity to sing along with (particularly this listener, who can’t sing to save his life). The track that the album is named after, “This Is An Adventure,” is a colorful, peppy song accented with some complex guitar melodies for the music aficionado.

The album creates a positive and pleasant mood throughout. And although lyrically the songs are introspective, they never lose that upbeat feel by becoming too mired in the seriousness that can come from introspection.

This is an album for feeling good! And with our hectic lives, This Is An Adventure deserves a place accompanying our little retreats from life’s strains.


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