If you didn’t already know, we are fans of Turtle Giant. Last month we premiered their fun official video for “We Were Kids” and just a few weeks ago we posted the epic opening track “Germany I & II“. This trio has come a long way since their formation in 2009; after leaving their homeland of Brazil, they settled in Barcelona, touring the area for most of 2011. And just this year, they moved out to Macau. The year 2012 also marks the official release of their All Hidden Places EP, which we are proudly streaming below.

Though the EP falls under the indie rock category, it borrows from all corners, with bits of surf, psychedelic and classic rock sprinkled in different spots. Its five tracks are well-layered and full of undeniably catchy melodies, each leading you down a path of various moods and sonic atmospheres. But really, the best part of All Hidden Places is its flawless ability to have such valiant built up moments where the music literally sends out spine-tingling sensations as it launches into a beautiful raucous. It’s emotional and hypnotic, raw and tender, and it rips into you before you even know it.

’Germany I and II’
’What a Game’
’We Were Kids’
’Gold Tooth (Killer)’
’Our Cave’

Purchase the entire EP on iTunes here.

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