It seems most video’s from bands recently include a storyline that tries to mirror the lyrical vibe of the song, adding another dimension to it. When The Black Keys tried to get a storyline to fit track, nothing quite fit. Their Plan B ended up turning into a refreshing sight. Take a small dive bar, fill it with fans, and let the raw prowess of a live Black Keys performance be the focus. This video starts out carrying a heavy sense of nostalgia provoking the hay day of rock ‘n’ roll feelings. Your lust for those days supposedly past will soon be replaced once Dan Auerboch brings out that glorious Guild Thunderbird guitar.

The Akron, Ohio fellows take this opportunity to let all rock fans know that “the glory days” is a phrase that should be repeated every single day. Having crafted out a stunning track, doing a live video is just the perfect visual treament to do all 3 minutes 30 seconds of “Little Black Submarines” justice. You can find this song off the recently released El Camino.

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