The intricacies of electronic music, particularly its transformative nature, have always been a subject of fascination. Into this kaleidoscopic world of production and songwriting, the Australian prodigy, Will Sparks, once again introduces something that pushes the limit. Accepted Concept, released under the CLUBWRK imprint, promises an exploration into Sparks’ musical psyche like we’ve never experienced previously.

Let’s journey a bit into the past for context. The title, “Accepted Concept,” is no arbitrary choice. Sparks harks back to his fledgling days in the early 2010s, a time when a young, eager musician was taking his initial steps in the sprawling dance landscape. Through this album, there’s an evident effort to reconnect with that inaugural spirit, offering listeners a holistic view of his evolution.

Diving into the tracks, there’s a melodic confluence of Sparks’ past and present. Legacy tracks, ones fans have been yearning for, like “The Chant” and “Break The Walls,” sit comfortably alongside newer experimentations. One such novel piece is “Paranoid,” where Sparks collaborates with long-standing musical ally, JDG.

This is one album easy to come back to multiple times, getting virtually better with each listen. To further elevate the album’s launch, Melbourne is gearing up for a memorable CLUBWRK showcase.

With so much momentum surrounding the solo DJ/producer, it’s safe to say he’s reached a new era that will reveal untold surprises to come.

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