Do you ever ask yourself why genres exist? Often times we use genres as a way of filtering our tastes and narrowing them down in a much more organized and refined way. After randomly stumbling upon um.. and their confusing new track “dotes”, we can’t help but LOL at that statement. Not only did they combine dog samples with female sex samples, but they did so in a way that makes us wish we were doing weird things underneath the Sahara tent at Coachella. We find it rather hard to translate this absurd mix down into a coherent and sound sentence because all it does is force you into a state of delirium which then causes you to experience an intense amount of cognitive dissonance. Your mind will tell you that it wants to leave this planet and get your trap arms on to these puzzling beats, but your body will just stand there and you’ll just look very confused to those around you. This is the ultimate festival song and we really hope we get to experience this one going off this year so quickly grab your free download before you question your life’s purpose.

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