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It’s easy to think of A Weather’s music as mellow. However, the truly amazing thing about their latest album is that if you really listen, and crank it up a bit louder than seems necessary, Everyday Balloons takes on an almost anthem-like aesthetic. This album plays equally well softly trickling from your earbuds as it does streaming out of open car windows in the first hot days of spring. That kind of duality implies a certain depth to the music which lends itself to heavy rotation on the playlist. “Third of Life” starts Balloons off with, if not the best track on the record, then at least the most aggressive one—well, musically aggressive. Vocally it’s a charming, folksy duet about a couple generally coming to terms with life and love. This is one of the tracks you’re going to need to turn up. Somehow Adam Selzer’s production gives the track a crackling reverb that brings it to a close with a certain delicacy. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

A Weather – Third of Life

’01 Third of Life.mp3′

A Weather – Giant Stairs

’10 Giant Stairs.mp3′

And just because their previous album was so amazing, here are some songs from Cove. If you have enjoyed their soft acoustic rock above, you will completely melt to these songs below.

A Weather – Spiders, Snakes


A Weather – Oh My Stars

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