One of our favorite things about a young genre of music, is seeing all of the different variations that spawn out of it. One trend that we find particularly interesting is this fusion of hip hop and electronica. Before you curse our name and close down your browser, know that we don’t mean rap stars using electronica infused beats. We won’t be posting Flo Rida any time soon – so just put that baby to bed.

Pretty Lights is one of the more well known artists to create this type of music, but there are other talented musicians who are using this unique style as well. Take Archnemesis for example. This duo takes anything from early 20’s blues and jazz, and modern hip hop and fuzes in huge bass and well composed synths.

These tracks are off of their album, People’s Radio, which dropped a few months ago. If you dig these – and you will – head over to their website where you can download their stuff for free, or help them out with a donation.

Archnemesis – Under The Radar

’07 Under The Radar.mp3′

Archnemesis – Hey Now

’03 Hey Now.mp3′

Archnemesis – People’s Radio

’02 Peoples Radio.mp3′
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