Part II the New DecemberUnderstanding the ever strange and mysterious Fol Chen is a lot like solving a Rubix Cube without first studying the algorithms. Either you’re a genius, or you’re full of it, and just pulled the stickers off. Signed to the prestigious Asthmatic Kitty label, which was founded by none other than Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather Lowell Brams, Fol Chen’s previous releases have been met with high praise, not to mention anticipation for the next album from these new hit-makers with their bitingly intelligent, if whimsical, musical tendencies. Part II: The New December starts off strong with “The Holograms”, showcasing the glitchy electro-instrumentation and dissonant, polyphonic percussion that will soon emerge as hallmarks of the album. In this song, more than those that follow, Fol Chen succeed completely in creating a song that, by way of its myriad melodies and other minor avant-noise qualities, evokes a sense of pleasant confusion. Read full review at

Fol Chen – The Holograms

’The Holograms.mp3′
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