Since the release of his 2008 debut LP, Constant Hitmaker, Philadelphian Kurt Vile has in fact been, if not a hitmaker, at least a constant music maker. His latest release for Matador, after 2009’s fuzzy, lo-fi Childish Prodigy, is Smoke Ring for My Halo.

Vile has kicked aside his DIY aesthetic aside for a CD-quality, shiny and clear folk sound. All you low-tech fans who shudder with ecstasy at the sound of a dust pop as your player whips around an LP, need not immediately dismiss Smoke Ring: hi-fi has a way of bringing musicians’ talents to the forefront. While the lesser skilled folk-playing folks might sweat at the thought of even novices with untrained ears picking up that poorly-tuned guitar, Vile proves on Smoke Rings that his acclaim is well-earned. Alas, talent alone does not a good album make — like with any new gimmick, practices makes perfect, and Vile has a few stumbles. Read full review at

Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms


Kurt Vile – Jesus Forever

’Kurt Vile – Jesus Forever’
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