Synthesizing big-city beats, psychedelic melodies, electronic loops, soul, pop, and distorted dreaminess, Phantogram’s Eyelid Movies represents a beautiful and seamless blending of genres. The debut full-length from guitarist Joshua Carter and keyboardist Sarah Barthel channels joy, loneliness, and unpredictability throughout, and has lyrics so addicting you’ll catch yourself singing them aloud in the supermarket. Phantogram_EyelidThough Barthel’s silver tongue is undoubtedly the record’s driving force, when Carter jumps in for a duet no one’s complaining. “Turn It Off” provides a perfect example, Carter and Barthel’s voices harmonizing like they were modeled for one another. In addition to the dream-pop and vivid groove ballads, there’s a genuinely weird side to Eyelid Movies. “Running from the Cops” displays vocals that are seemingly tied to a spring, dunked underwater, and spit through a vocoder. Read full review at

Phantogram – As Far As I Can See

’Phantogram – As Far As I Can See’
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