The Massachusetts-based AER have returned right in time for the final stretch of summer with an album to match the weather. On their latest effort, The Bright Side, the rising duo emerge with a more polished sound in what is their most impressive work to date. AER fuses elements of alternative, reggae, hip-hop and pop to create a style of their own. Throughout the project, their talent and versatility shine as they navigate a wide range of genres.

On tracks like “Floats My Boat,” Few Times” and “Songbird,” they embody a more pop-reggae feel with a touch of hip-hop, while they go with more solid raps and harder production on cuts like “Go,” “Kush In My Pockets” and “If You Want (Trees).” “Medina is my personal favorite featuring a soft acoustic with calming, melodic vocals once again demonstrating the breadth of their ability. The content covers the general activities of college kids: booze, girls and weed. However, what truly deserves attention about this record is the positive vibrations that the music carries really earning its title The Bright Side. While this may not appeal immediately to hardcore hip-hop fans, AER’s potential is difficult to deny and you would be hard pressed to find music more light, youthful and fitting for vacation time. Stream the whole album below and, if you dig it, show your support by copping over at iTunes.

’Floats My Boat’
’Few Times’
’Like the Way’
’Its A New Day’
’If You Want (Trees)’
’Kush In My Pockets’
’Medina (Remastered)’
’On The Low’


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