[Hip-Hop] Zion I – We Don’t (ft. Grouch & Eligh)

Oakland-based veteran duo Zion I have been around pretty much as long as I have been listening to hip-hop music. Their sound has always been progressive with the innovative production of DJ Amp Live and just the right amount of social and political consciousness from rapper MC Zumbi. While these talented artists have been in the game for over a decade, they have managed to stay relevant evolving their sound, with out losing their unique style, and collaborating with artists from a wide range of genres.

On their most recent release, they enlist fellow Cali-bred emcees, and frequent collaborators, Grouch & Eligh, of Living Legends, to bring us a display of pure, west coast lyricism over a trademark, complex Amp Live instrumental. While many artists who rose in the early 2000s find themselves fading into obscurity, Zion I and co. continue to create pure, timeless hip-hop making the chorus proclamation of, “We Don’t Stop,” so appropriate. “We Don’t” is the second single off Zion I’s upcoming album, Shadow Boxingout October 2nd.

’Zion I – We Dont Ft. Grouch & Eligh’
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