Hip Hop Hooray: Tech N9ne "Sickology 101"


In a Hip Hop scene saturated by the Fifties, Weezys, and the Wests, it is difficult sometimes to filter through the commercialized singles with the sole purpose of selling albums, from the talented lyricists. Hip Hop even though still very strong in it’s roots, sometimes feels like it is having a personality crisis, with some artists willingly trying to blend, and morph into anything that sells. On the other hand we have artists that show insane skills, and have been doing it for years… enters Tech N9ne. An American rapper native from Kansas City, which has accomplished milestones like selling over 1 million albums, and performing sold out shows from LA to NY. In his latest album “Sickology 101” features collaborations by Chino XL, Krayzie Bone, and B.G. just to name a few.

The song Sickology 101 features Chino XL and Crooked I, you can hear the fast melodic, and hard hitting punch lines. Verses like “This is harmony, Nina’s taking you through it/Make it buttery, utterly beautiful, make it fluid/Sickology 101 is in session, I thought you knew it/We murderin motherfuckers in music, that’s how we do it!” by Tech N9ne and “I’m demented, spittin writtens as sick as I can/Grenade grippin, fittin to detonate Disneyland/I am teachin Sickology, try to follow how every punch line hits/Like Chris Brown’s fist in the face of Rihanna” by Chino Xl will surprise you not only with the rhymes but also with their very sharp flow that always compliments the beat.

Sickology 101 Ft. Chino XL and Crooked I

”Sickology 101 Ft. Chino XL and Crooked I”

Midwest Choppers Ft. Krayzie Bone and K-Dean

”Midwest Choppers Ft. Krayzie Bone and K

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