Emerson Long – Heatwave [TMN PREMIERE]

Emerson Long

Happy Monday folks! You may be reading this thinking, “Omg, work sux and so do Mondays,” and you would be right, until moments like these when TMN gets to bring you a fresh track that will lift your spirits and get your week off to a skippy lil’ start. With this new release we at TMN are ready to send you on your happy day way with a premiere of Melbourne-based producer Emerson Long’s new track “Heatwave.”

The first in a set series of releases scheduled for 2016, this track is sure to bring a tropical lightness to your day (don’t let its February release fool you). Starting with a sun-dazed electropop synth intro, Long’s vocals come in smooth creating a soundscape that puts you in the vaycay mindset, filled with visions of palm trees and Coronas. How much more anti-Monday can you get? The track is exactly what Emerson is quoted as saying he hoped it would be: “Something that can add a little touch of summer to your life, no matter who you are or where you are in this world,” – Emerson Long.

Dang Emerson… nice.

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