[Electronic] Pumpkin Feat. Kyrstyn Pixton – Shifting Things

Shifting Things Ft. Kyrstyn Pixton

Thanksgiving is only days away and we are all experiencing a strange combination of emotions. The stress mounts for those tackling that outrageous menu while also trying to make that turkey browned to perfection. But while we’re counting down the days to that mouth-watering stuffing and buttered mashed potatoes, why not enjoy some tunes to hold you over?

Today we’re bringing you “Shifting Things,” a brand new release from a Los Angeles-based artist with a name that has never been more fitting for this time of year, Pumpkin. “Shifting Things” pulls you into a place of tranquility, beckoning you with mixture of spellbinding production and the soft vocals of Kyrstyn Pixton, whose airy presence catapults the song into an intangible world all its own. As the weather turns cold, we tend to strive for a more soothing selection of songs, and these two have banded together to define that shift with a tune that epitomizes the aspect of serenity as a whole. Take a breath, slow down tonight, and enjoy the beauty around you with this stunning and celestial creation.

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