Elephante ft Lincoln Jesser – A Trillion Somethings Right [TMN Resident Artist Premiere]

Lincoln Jesser x Elephante
A Trillion Somethings Right

As we prepare to say goodbye to Elephante, he of course wanted to end his time with TMN on a high note and presented us with his new song featuring the vocals of Lincoln Jesser ‘A Trillion Somethings Right’. In his own words, Elephante tells us why he loves this song so much:

“I had the huge pleasure of getting vocals from my man Lincoln Jesser, an amazing singer and producer who has been on absolute fire lately and one of my favorite indie artists out there. Plus, “Something Right” is one of my favorite songs of the last few months, so I really wanted to treat it right – tried out a bunch of different things, but kept hearing a tune from an old instrumental I had done underneath it, so I ended up scrapping everything and rebuilding the track around his vocals.

It’s kinda like the song was the girl that you’ve had a crush on for ages, and you finally get a date, and you call a bunch of different restaurants, and try out a bunch of outfits and everything, but then you end up going to your neighborhood joint cuz you know all the waiters, and you wear your lucky underwear because you don’t wanna f*ck it up. Did that make any sense? No? Okay cool, just know that I’m super psyched with how it turned out and please enjoy!”

Well, this is just the something right we were looking for to wrap up the month of April.

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