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EXROYALE – Stuck In My Head [TMN Video Premiere]

Stuck In My Head

God, we love a good story to go along with a music video. See here’s what happened, at the end of May while in Portland, EXROYALE awoke in a loft to the gleam of the Toronto skyline. He set out to get an espresso before the day’s writing session. On his morning walk, the artist-producer came across a message boldly displayed on the side of a building: “YOU’VE CHANGED.”

In that moment, he connected with the truth and how it related to someone that was on his mind and returned to the studio filled with inspiration that quickly turned into EXROYALE’s new single, ‘Stuck In My Head.’

The video feels almost dream like with the lyrics appearing briefly before disappearing in giant white light spots. It is almost as if you looked at the sun for a second and then looked away to see the circle of the sun’s outline in your visionary line. A video that fits perfectly with the thought and feel of trying to get rid of a person who has made themselves at home within your head and refuse to leave.

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[Duo Magic] Made In Heights – Ghosts

Made In Heights

Now this is a nice mix.

LA duo Made In Heights have found a catchy way of combining vocalist Kelsey’s voice with the static electronic beats of producer Sabzi. This song makes you want to first bust out a cowbell and second, turn anything around you into a drumstick. Kelsey has a light and airy voice. Seductive and inviting, her vocals connect our listening from our ears to our brain and back again. Sabzi is a wizard on the melody, combining electronic beats while also throwing in some classic scratch magic. Combining their strengths, the duo shows what they have to offer and then some.

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Amber Run – Thank You [TMN Premiere]

Amber Run
Thank You

Please stop what you are going and take a few minutes to listen andI mean really listen, to the song I am about to share. Plug your headphones in, go into a quiet place, turn off all other electronics, and whole-heartedly listen to this song.

I get the honor of premiering Amber Run’s final song ‘Thank You’ off their upcoming EP ‘Pilot’ due out September 21st. This beautiful final song captures the true identity of this incredible London group. The lyrics tell a familiar story, finding oneself, and being able to because of someone in our lives. This beautiful thanking song mixes the classic instrumental melody with mesmerizing vocals that will make any listener feel a sense of tenderness in their heart. Amber Run is a group that is good today, better tomorrow, and will be even more magnificent in the future. Give this astounding song a proper listen and be thankful for every note that you hear.

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[TMN Premiere] J.Tropic – Solid Gold


Something sexy and seductive for your Thursday morning?
Producer J.Tropic brings us a sultry new single ‘Solid Gold’ off of his upcoming EP ‘Love-Up’ released via Duty Noted Records on October 27th. J.Tropic is a fairly new producer this year but is showing us why is one of the hottest new producers to play to our music loving ears. The melody is hypnotic with mellow electronic beats mixed with a twist of soulful vocals. The song captures an intoxicating love between two people, and how life is not about money and pretty things, it is about the feelings two people have for one another. J.Tropic has an ear for combining addicting melodies with sugar coated vocals to produce something that is really solid gold.

Solid Gold
Love Up
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[Tour Preview] FIGURE – Terrorvision Tour

Friday The 13th (Original Mix)

If there are two things we know for sure about artist FIGURE, it would be that one, he makes insane, loud, bass-thumping tunes and two, he has an enormous love for all things horror related from movies to television shows to music. With his latest tour “Terrorvision”, FIGURE is taking both of these loves and combining them to produce a massively unique way to enjoy his music. On the upcoming tour, FIGURE said:

“Terrorvision has been a concept I’ve been putting together for some time now, something I thought would go really well with my annual Monsters series.

I wanted to create the ability to compile tons of custom edited clips the same way I have compiled tons of music for my sets over the years. I’m a horror buff and I’ve amassed an extensive collection of classic shock theatre and obscure films which is definitely an inspiration for the visual direction on this tour.

Through partnering with Rane/Serato and using their hardware I now have the ability to map these custom visuals to my music on the fly, adding a brand new element to my live show. Many artists look at visuals as a way to simply customize the blank slates of wall behind them. WithTerrorvision it’s another dimension of my music. An intense visual backdrop giving my fans a window into where i draw inspiration; my vision as a producer, coming together on stage where the visuals brings it all to life.”

You won’t want to miss out on this experience so make sure to grab tickets when they go on sale September 12th. Get a little sneak peek below to see what you can expect for this terrifying tour.

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[TMN Resident Artist for September] Welcome Klingande to the Ninja family


Ah, September. The beginning of fall, the season of football, apple spiced drinks, and the brisk sunny days. Along with the change in seasons comes the change of a new resident artist. With that being said, let me introduce the young and talented producer Klingande. Born Cédric in northern France, he studied music theory as a child but later became immersed in electronic music as a teenager. Initially a DJ, he son also began to work on his own original productions. After only a year at a production and music school in London, he came back to produce ‘Jubel’ and ‘Punga’ in 2013 with one of his friends. His unique name originates from the Swedish word for sounding, a tribute to his love of the nation’s house music. Klingande spent most of the past year touring throughout Europe but has been back in the studio preparing new singles and an EP due out later this year. We are beyond excited to have this artist take the reigns and show us just how much he loves electronic music. Get ready fall, you’ve seen nothing yet until you’ve spent the month with Klingande!

Sigma ft. Paloma Faith
Changing (Klingande Remix)
Jubel (Original mix)
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[Electronic] Zella Day – East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Zella Day
East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Whenever artist’s post remixes of their songs by other artists, usually I would say nine out of ten times, that remix is going to be really good. That is exactly what happened after artist Zella Day posted the remix of her song ‘East Of Eden’ by New Zealand artist Samuel Truth. Known for his electronic sound and for having a way with beats, Truth takes the original Indie song and adds his flair, giving the song a bit of a hard-hitting melody. Beautifully done, Truth shows he is a person to turn to for really good remixes and as a Zella fan, he has really won me over.

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