[NEW] Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Surf

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
Wanna Be Cool

It’s here! After months’ worth of eager anticipation, Surf has finally arrived. Though initially advertised as a follow-up to Chance The Rapper‘s 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap, it was later revealed that Surf would be a new project led by Donnie Trumpet and his band The Social Experiment, with Chance playing more of a supporting role. Leading up to its release today, details were still pretty sparse, so it’s not surprising that the album was released without any fair warning, which seems to be a common trend these days. None of the features are listed on iTunes, but we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the guests who appear throughout the record.

We’re still in the process of listening ourselves, so we haven’t had a chance to fully evaluate the project, but so far we’d say it’s lived up to the hype. Take a listen to one of the early tracks below, and make sure to head to iTunes to grab yourself a FREE copy.

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Show Me

Since premiering “Show Me” two months ago, we’ve been anxiously awaiting more music from this up-and-coming Orlando artist. Unfortunately, we’re still a ways off from hearing “Be Honest,” so we’re giving you the next best thing: an in-depth interview.

Take a few minutes off from whatever it is you’re up to and get to know the intriguing R.LUM.R

What does the name R.LUM.R (pronounced ar-luhm-ar) derive from? 

R.LUM.R is the representation of everything I am at his point.

To be brief about it, it’s a combination of my first and middle name. Growing up, I was always made to be ashamed of myself about being who I wanted to be and liking what I liked, so I hid it all. It was for a multitude of reasons, and for the sake of brevity I won’t get specific, but it can mostly be boiled down to pressure to be “blacker” and the insidious effects that has on one’s psyche, but I did what I was told, and whatever I thought a person like me was supposed to do.

My middle name, Lamar, was just one I never really felt attached to. So I hid that.

Getting my starts in music, I played acoustic and released and performed music as a singer-songwriter for a long time, which started basically because of my limited resources, and I kept going because of the positive ways I was affecting the world around me through that medium, but there’s always been another part of me that wanted to explore the stuff I’m exploring now, but never had the bravery or resources.

So in the process of evolving into this music, I wanted to do something that pulled from my past and exposed all those things, but created a clear focus on the future. Reggie, my first name, is in the first R, and with it being at the beginning of R.LUM.R, it’s the past, and the music I created that got me here. Though I’m evolving, I don’t want to abandon where I came from.
LUM is part of Lamar (my middle name) and represents the parts of myself I’d always hidden, and the present time. It means to me that I can take that stuff from back then and wear it proudly, turning it into positives. It’s also the center of the idea right now, so it’s fitting for it to be sitting where it is visually.

The last R is the future and the person I can be, coexisting with the person i’ve always been. Lamar ends with an “r”, and Reggie starts with an “r”, so it’s like bringing the ideas of the past and the present together, but in the future.
I hope that wasn’t too convoluted. lol
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[Chill/Dance] Fatboy Slim – Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)

Fatboy Slim
Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)

As Autograf has shifted more steadily out of the underground and into mainstream consciousness, so too has the way in which one of our favorite groove-heavy acts are able to craft melodies. The latest from Autograf sees the trio riffing on one of dance music’s original wisemen, Fatboy Slim, and his classic single “Mad Flava”. As part of Fatboy Slim’s re-release for platinum selling album Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars, the Autograf boys have been tapped to offer their uniquely flavored dance groove, and have delivered another stellar piece to a constantly expanding palate. Rather than take the easy way out by sprinkling in a four-four kick and painting on a deeper, analog bassline as so many contemporary dance acts are wont to do these days, Autograf takes a much more fluid approach for their rework. Throughout its first half, Autograf toys with the original’s vocal chops, and breakbeat influenced two-step drums topped with an extremely danceable topline before unloading perhaps one of the most distinct and powerful basslines we’ve heard in any music genre this year. This one has us feeling somewhere between the House club and Hip-Hop dancefloor; which is one of the most welcome feelings we’ve had in quite some time. About the remix opportunity, Autograf told us: “We’re huge fans of breaks so when one of the legends hit us up for a remix, we were super honored. Here’s our break beat tribute to one of the pioneers..” while Fatboy kept his side a bit more ambiguous, stating: “Autograf got the finesse, they got the funk, they got the flava. The three F’s right there…” They certainly do. Check out Autograf’s “Mad Flava” remix above, and if you missed their last remix for Alesso’s “Cool”, do your ears a favor and listen here.

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[TMN Premiere] Sorcha Richardson – Petrol Station

Sorcha Richardson
Petrol Station

After making a name for herself among folk fans with two gorgeous EPs, singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson has shifted gears bringing her flawless vocals to smooth electronic production. She first experimented with this new direction early in her career as part of Con Vosa collaboration with New Jersey hip-hop duo Fortunate Ones, and we’re really excited to be bringing you the premiere of Richardson’s latest exploration. On “Petrol Station,” the Irish-bred, Brooklyn-based songstress glides over a hazy, minimal electronic backdrop, courtesy Baile, which allows the depth of her lyricism to shine. As the percussion and energy rise, Richardson’s vocals step up to match the intensity adding a new layer of emotion and texture to her vivid storytelling.

Even though the contributing instrumental elements are a far cry from Sorcha Richardson’s acoustic Last Train EP, her voice stays true to her soulful, folky roots making for a genuine and compelling sound. We’ll definitely be looking out for more from Richardson soon but, in the meantime, get lost in this dreamy track above.

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[Future R&B] XO – Flames of a Phoenix

Flames of a Phoenix

UK producer XO made waves last year with his debut EP, Through the Night, a three-song project full of forward-thinking, R&B-influenced jams. His sophomore project, The Ethereal Experience, is dropping this summer and, earlier this week, he let loose the first single. “Flames of a Phoenix” was just what we’d hoped from XO as he takes the mic contributing gorgeous vocals that draw the listener in before introducing an irresistible bounce. After building a steady dance groove through out, the track recesses into an atmospheric outro. If you’re not yet familiar, “Flames of a Phoenix” proves the ideal introduction to XO’s soulful, yet upbeat, electronic aesthetic. The Ethereal Experience, which drops on July 20th on He Loves You Not Recordings, is available for pre-order on iTunes here, which comes with immediate download of the track “Somethin’ About You.”

P.S. If you like what you hear, get to know XO a bit better in our exclusive interview from last year.

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[Electronic] BenZel – Waiting… (feat. Ben Abraham)

Waiting...... (ft. Ben Abraham)

BenZel, comprised of Benny Blanco and Ben Ash, had a stellar year in 2014 with their Men EP and executive production on Jessie Ware‘s album. They’ve continued that streak thus far with a number of impressive, diverse loosies, most recently the dope, Tory Lanez-featuring “Stuck on You.” Today, they bring us another in that series with the soulful, building “Waiting…” featuring crooning from Australian vocalist Ben Abraham. It’s a gorgeous electronic tune that progresses into a near-enormous sound without compromising its chilled-out, radiant energy. “Waiting…” closes with a seamless, acoustic retreat to Abraham’s beautiful piano and voice. Brighten your day with this one above.

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Jack Garratt Shares his Five Fav Songs and Tour Video [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


Yes, our time with Jack Garratt as our Resident Artist came to an end in May, but that doesn’t mean our continued adoration has. Luckily for us, this bearded electro-troubadour has served up a quick exclusive video from his tour and a selection of his favorite songs at the moment.

First off, let’s showcase those tunes that Jack is currently vibing on. Unfortunately, not all of these tracks are on SoundCloud. Fortunately, they are on Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify seems to have taken away the ability to embed playlists. Fortunately, we did still make the playlist, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Breathing Underwater
Vulfpeck – Kuhmilch 74 BPM
Tom Waits – 16 Shells From A 30.6
Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable
Son Lux – Change Is Everything

Now for the other component of this exclusive glimpse into the world of Mr. Garratt. In this short video, we’re given an inside look at his work on tour, as well some insight into how he got into playing guitar. After you’re done watching it, head over to Jack’s tour tab on facebook and see when you can witness this action in person.

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