[Chillout] Rhye – Right Never Comes

Rhye - Right Never Comes
Right Never Comes

Rhye is undoubtedly one of the most unique musical duos out there. With Milosh on the vocals and Robin Hannibal as the producer, the magical collaboration creates something so dreamy and tranquil that you could see yourself smooth sailing to the sound of Milosh’s voice. Many people often confuse Rhye’s vocals to belong to a female’s because of their latest album cover and their style of music, but it is truly amazing how the group is able to combine downtempo with soul and R&B by producing such masterpieces in that genre.

Here we have a new release titled “Right Never Comes,” which was written by Milosh for the sole purpose of their upcoming tour. The instrumentals were kept to a minimal, making Milosh’s harmonizing vocals the spotlight of the track. The clever use of strings in this tune will take you on a dreamy journey and leave you vibing as usual. We cannot tell you how excited we are to see where this duo takes their music to the next step. Sky is the limit for this creative international connection.

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[Hip-Hop/R&B] Tory Lanez – I-95 (Prod. RL Grime, Tory Lanez, Noah Breakfast x Grave Goods)

Tory Lanez I95
Tory Lanez
I-95 (Prod. RL Grime, Tory Lanez, Noah Breakfast x Grave Goods)

With the imminent release of his debut album Lost Cause right around the corner, Tory Lanez has decided to let go of one last single to tease his fans during the short wait. Bringing forth a team effort on this one, the talented Canadian links up with a couple TMN favorites, RL Grime and Noah Breakfast, to help expand his Toronto sound. Aiming for a more introspective vibe with this track, we find Tory shuffling through his thoughts as he cruises down “I-95.” Talented as he is, “I-95″ once again allows Tory to flex his gifts as a versatile star, kicking around a few eloquent bars and vaunting his syrupy vocals on the hook. The tune serves as another fascinating glimpse into what Tory has in store for us on Lost Cause, which will finally be out this Monday.

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[Hip-Hop] Jon Waltz – College Girl

Jon Waltz - College Girl
Jon Waltz
College Girl

Jon Waltz is a part of a growing wave of multifaceted artists in the hip-hop realm who can handle everything from rapping and singing to production. It’s not a stretch by any means to say Waltz is the most talented of the bunch. Don’t believe us? Well, the evidence is plastered all over his SoundCloud page, but if you need a little more convincing, look no further than his latest track, “College Girl.”

One of the more exciting singles he’s released, “College Girl” finds the emcee flaunting his dexterity on the mic and behind the boards, with lyrics flying off the tongue at a breakneck pace to keep up with the fast-paced rhythm of the pulsating instrumental. As we all know though, Waltz has no issue with switching up the tempo, slowing things down midway through the number to pen a more reflective verse. This cut is just a preview of what to expect from Jon’s upcoming Alyss EP, which is set to drop next week.

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[Yes] LittleShoesBigVoice – Heaven Ain’t High

Heaven Ain't High

“When I’m with you, heaven ain’t high…”

Just take those lyrics sink in for a minute…good right? You have this picture in your head immediately of that one person, we all have them, who makes heaven just seem that much closer. LittleShoesBigVoice have taken that notion and written a beautiful and sensual piece about the way one feels when that one special person is around. The London duo, consisting of Jack Durtnall and Emily Harvey, have quickly become one of my favorite groups to listen to. They both have strong and intimate voices that blend like honey and a beehive. Accompanied by different tones like drums, guitars, and electronic beats, these two spin a web of delicious music ecstasy. It really is true, after listening to these two, you realize just how close heaven really is to us all.

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[R&B] ESTA – Beautiful Torture (Feat. JMSN)

Beautiful Torture (ft. JMSN)

As he gears up for the release of his upcoming Blue album, JMSN took to Twitter earlier today to share a preview of what to expect from the new project, in the form of a collaboration with ESTA titled “Beautiful Torture.” A revamped version of an instrumental that ESTA originally released last year, this refreshing rendition gains new life through some splendid vocal work on the part of JMSN. Looking back, we couldn’t ask for a more perfect fit for the sultry instrumental, and it’s pretty clear that the two talents make a pretty formidable duo. Take a listen to the track, and make sure to grab yourself a free download above.

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[Funky House] Chet Faker x WKND – Lover

Chet Faker x WKND

Germany’s wunderkind WKND is on a mission to keep the good grooves going with his dreamy sound, and today we’re gifted with the release of “Lover,” which derives from a Chet Faker cover. The Australian artist revamped “You Don’t Treat Me No Good” by Sonia Dada for Triple J, and WKND swooped in to transform the bluesy cover into a house delight.

The melodic mashup, which heavily pulls from nu-disco and tropical house influences, is the brainchild of WKND’s newest direction. The producer lets fans know that he is “really stoked to share some deep clubby tunes with you in the near future,” along with some “awesome collabos.” If “Lover” is any indication of what’s to come, we can’t wait to hear what else he’s hiding up his sleeve.

To make the release even better, “Lover” is available for a free download, making it easy to dance your way through those Monday blues!

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Only Girl – Feel It (J. Hoskins Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]


It’s quite dark and dreary out here in Colorado. The cool fall air is encompassing the Mile High City, drenching it in cold rain and grey skies.

Interestingly enough, just as we switched over from summer to fall at the stroke of Midnight, UK-based producer J. Hoskins has done something similar in his interpretation of Only Girl’s “Feel It”.

The original song had an uplifting pop vibe created through a danceable bassline, upbeat percussion work and some airy synths. It was a warm, shimmering summer song, but Hoskins saw it differently. Flipping the mood, this premiere today has a dark, emotive and sultry vibe. With heavy treatment of the original vocals that ride along a booming bassline, this interpretation is taken from the pop world, and brought into the bedroom. The deeply seductive soundscape should have you looking forward to this evening. Just keep the details to yourself.

This remix and others can be found in a remix pack, which comes out today. Head to Only Girl’s soundcloud to check it out.

Only Girl
Feel It (J. Hoskins Remix)
Only Girl
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