[Future Funk] GRiZ – Stop Trippin’ (with iDA HAWK)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.37.24 AM
Stop Trippin' (with iDA HAWK)

IT’S FRIDAY. Kick off the weekend with a ‘saxual’ new tune from one of the best future funk masters out there, GRiZ! Stop Trippin’ is the first taste we’re getting from a new album (Say It Loud) due out in March, and it is a delectable slice indeed. A little bit of trap, old school vocals, and that slick sax culminate into an upbeat number that jumps out of your speakers like its house is on fire. Funk is alive and well thanks to GRiZ and his upcoming project is guaranteed to knock socks off worldwide once it comes out. The Say It Loud tour is going global in February and tickets are available now. He always puts on an amazing show, so you definitely won’t want to miss him in your city!

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[Hip-Hop] Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple – Aesthetics 1.0 (Mixtape)


The multi-talented vocalist Bipolar Sunshine initially caught our attention last year with a number of smooth releases finding the perfect intersection of R&B, hip-hop and electronic music. In preparation for what promises to be a breakout year, Bipolar Sunshine has teamed up with Jazz Purple, the producer behind the majority of his solo work, for a mixtape to hold fans over. The project, released on their Manchester-based label Aesthetics Sounds, features an incredible range of sounds melding elements of future electronic music with hip-hop, R&B and a broad range of cross-genre influences. As you listen, you’ll likely recognize unlikely, masterfully-spun tributes to and samples of Gary Jules‘s “Mad World” and Coldplay‘s “Fix You” among others. Aesthetics 1.0 proves a fascinating, engaging listen that’ll keep you intrigued from start to finish and is a great sign for what’s to come. Give the full project a listen below and keep an eye out for Bipolar Sunshine’s upcoming single, “Daydreamer,” due out on February 8th.

Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 John McEnroe
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Mad World
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 Dream A Little Dream
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 No Time To Waste

[via Okayplayer]

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[Groove] Singularis – Ride Ft. Sndwvs

Werk Space Sketch 01 Singularis Squared
Premiere: Singularis
Ride Ft. Sndwvs (Werk Space)

Singularis and Sndwvs (pronounced “Soundwaves”) recently took to Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam to crank out this trunk rattler for their “Werk Space” series. This pair of Dutch producers worked for two days on Ride, and the results for just a 48 hours turnaround are incredible. The track really does ride out in style, latching on to a futuristic, hip-hop influence that permeates all through labels like Soulection, which Singularis is actually a part of. If you missed his White Label EP with Soulection, be sure to study up.

At just 19, Singularis showcases the soul of a much more experienced producer, and it’s no surprise considering he’s been involved with music since learning piano at 5. He’s demonstrated a masterful approach to the rawest form of the groove, and this most recent track is a prime testament to that. Ride is an essential addition to a cruising playlist for those long night drives while you soak up the city lights fluttering past your window. It’s an easy and enjoyable listen, so kick your seat back, drive slow and enjoy!


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[Smooth] Next – Too Close (Shmallen Edit)

Next- Too Close (shmallen Edit)

Everyone needs 90′s R&B in their life. It’s a simple fact. Shmallen understands this, so he righteously revamped Next‘s ’97 classic, Too Close, into a lush, dance worthy track that sheds new light on this throwback sound and brings it into 2015 in a big way. Aptly tagged as SoundCloud as “booty,” this remix is just as much a part of the club as it is the bedroom, and Shmallen wasted no time in squeezing out an essential groove for your hump day. If you weren’t planning on feeling sexy today, you might want to go ahead and change your plans, because Shmallen just rewrote your evening with his newest tune.

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Voli – The Wander Years [TMN PREMIERE]

The Wall - Voli
The Wander Years

It’s been a long time since Voli has appeared on our radar. Last time we heard from the talented emcee he was tearing apart the instrumental for Drake’s “5 AM In Toronto.” Finally emerging from his cocoon a year and a half later though, it’s obvious that the Jersey native has evolved into something much more.

After getting a chance to listen through his upcoming album The Wall, it’s safe to say Voli can no longer be simply referred to as a rapper. That’s not a knock on his skills behind the mic, rather it’s an allusion to the fact that his musical aspirations align with being something transcendent. Nowhere is this more apparent than with his brand new single, “The Wander Years.” Our best descriptor for the powerfully uplifting piece would be electro-reggae-pop-rock, but there’s really no true way to define it. One thing that is abundantly clear is that Voli spent his months away honing a sound that’s distinctly unique, allowing him to craft meaningful music that draws influence from a variety of different genres and is able to connect with a broad audience.

“The Wander Years” is the type of record that inspires you to abandon conventions and rebel to stand up for what is yours. Though, if you have a little trouble figuring out what exactly that entails, the gifted musician may be able to help,

Being a rebel is as simple as doing what you honestly want to do. As an artist you’re constantly putting yourself out there for major criticism. Me, personally—I’m stubborn. The second someone tells me I can’t do something or that I’m not good at something, I’m going to prove them wrong. That’s where the rebellion comes in. I don’t think it has to be tied to anger—for me, it’s not. I’m just gonna do what I’m gonna do. People are always gonna try to fit you into their little box, but you can’t let that happen. You can’t let anyone else determine what kind of artist you should be.

Listen to the track above, and make sure to check out Voli’s upcoming album, The Wall, which you can pre-order on iTunes before it drops on February 24th

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[Soul] Frank Ocean – You Are Luhh (Aaliyah Tribute)

Frank Ocean
You Are Luhh

Although fans are still waiting patiently to hear any news or original material from Grammy-award winning singer/song-writer Frank Ocean, the west coast artist celebrated the late Aaliyah‘s birthday over the weekend with a cover to “At Your Best (You Are Love)”. Originally released from his Tumblr page, the Isley Brother‘s original gets a modernized touch. Ocean flexes a limited vocal range subtly hitting a variety of notes as he floats over the piano-led ballad. Similar to his last release “Memrise,” Ocean remains secretive about whether or not this is something that will be featured on an upcoming project or just another treat for fans to get into. Either way, music lovers can just rejoice in the fact that Ocean has not gone completely off the radar. Be sure to take a listen to the melodic track and stay posted for any new material to drop.

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[Sensual] Lido x Halsey – Slow

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.32.31 AM
Slow (Lido x Halsey)

It’s getting harder and harder to talk about Lido without sounding like a broken record. Not only did he just release every remix he did in 2014 for free on his website (I’d have a sight reader handy if you aren’t familiar with the musical staff), but he also snuck in a sexy new original that samples Jaden Smith, has Halsey simply killing it with her vocal prowess, and is topped off with some extra assistance on guitar from HeavyxMellow. Right off the bat, you know you have a winner there.

This team flips the script in perspective with Halsey’s dive into a club “relationship,” interceded by the Jaden Smith sampled chorus and Lido’s smooth-as-always production. She’s addressed the message they were going for recently:

It’s no surprise that Lido is involved in something refreshing, and paired with Halsey’s dainty vocals and biting lyrics, he continues on his unflinching precedent he’s set for himself with his stellar tunes and remixes. If you’re looking for a download of this tune, it’s included in his remix care package linked above so don’t miss out!

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