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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 36]

Sunday Night Soul

With July coming to a close soon, we’re reminded that we’ve only got one more month of summer left to enjoy. As we look forward to soaking in every last ounce of sunshine possible, we hope to spend our nights immersed in some soothing sounds. Now, we don’t like to brag, but we’d like to think the best way for you to get your fix is through a hearty helping of Sunday Night Soul. Just like last week, we found it a bit difficult to pick out some standouts in this edition, so we’re leaving it up to our faithful ninjas out there to figure out which ones are their favorites. While this may seem like a bad sign at first, it’s really a testament to the quality of music we’ve been discovering over the past few weeks. Of course, this only makes our mouths water at what else lies in store for the weeks ahead.

∴ The Acid ∴
How To Dress Well
Let U Know
Sum Comfort
Giving Wins (feat. Kay Franklin & Joyce Wrice)
Jessie Ware
Share It All
Just Once
Evy Jane
Worry Heart
Two On (XONA Remix)
The Night VI
Wonderlust (IYES Remix)
Love Narcotics Prod by A_Vincente
Tin Gardens x GR33NGOE$
Was It You?
Starboard Side Mid Summer
I Wish (You Were Mine)
Glass Animals
Love Lockdown (Kanye West Cover)
Rush of You
Warm On A Cold Night
Angie Stone
Baby feat. Betty Right (Prod. By Mo Musiq)
Love Slide (Prod by. Mo Musiq)
Higher In Love feat. Damon Trueitt
Destani Wolf
Uprising (Do It!)
Marsha Ambrosius
So Good
John Legend
You and I (CLBTS Remix)
Dami Saheed
Mike Jay
Sweet Lady 2014
Don Benjamin ft. DeCarlo
August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj
No Love (Remix)
Trevor Jackson Feat. Kirko Bangz
Me Likey
Trey Songz & Mila J
S.F.D.S.W.B. (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
J Wahl
Lay You Down (Prod By Salv)
Stress Reliever (FT. Anthony King & Prince XDXM) Prod. LRBEATS
Jonn Hart
Party (feat. L!Z)
Leela James
Save Me feat. Joe Ryan
kos kudos
Jordan Bratton
Must Be
spooky black
jude law & a semester abroad
K. Roosevelt
Great Skies
Be Yours (Feat. Jordan James)
Professional Dancer
Kiah Victoria
Hanging On
Years and Years
Breathe (Blu Cantrell cover)
Years and Years
Take Shelter (Onra Remix)
Jessy Lanza
You and Me (Taken From Hyperdub 10.2
She Wants
believe in us feat. Kinetics & One Love
Telescope Thieves
V (Second Nature Remix)
All The Time
The Weeknd
Often (XONA Remix)
astlavista // Overdue
su na
Attached (Ft. Maesu)
Jessie Ware
Tough Love (Sango Remix)
Danny Glover Feat. Gaïa By 8tm (Dripwork Edit)
Im Sorry
Late Nights
BTSTU (Dont Fvck With Me)
josh pan & kuma
SZA ~ Babylon // (Bnjmn & Fortune Remix)
The Code
Gravity (Sango Remix)
Trey Songz
Nana (araabMUZIK Remix)(CLEAN)
Sivey & Evil Needle
Ascension (aywy. & Sh?m Edit)
Cyril Hahn
Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan
Carmen & Next
Too Cold (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
R Kelly x keri hilson x elkco
number one remix
Amaris Call (Feat. Green Hypnotic)
benny jetts
Cumberland Mall
TLC x Blackstreet x Lil Jon
No Rugrat Scrubs (Sample Gee Mashup)
Lady (Wantigga Flip)
The Weeknd
Often (Free n Losh Remix)
Time feat. IAMSU (Hoodboi Remix)
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[NEW] Rustie – Attak (Feat. Danny Brown)

Green Language
Attak (feat. Danny Brown)

With his second studio album, Green Language, set to drop next month (the follow-up to 2011′s Glass Swords), Rustie decided to leak one of the most anticipated singles from the project, “Attak,” featuring frequent collaborator, Danny Brown. The track is just as insane as you might expect, opening with wailing sirens and a wave of skittering 808′s that urge Danny to do what he does best–spit like a homicidal maniac, unleashing his lunacy all over the beat until he runs out of breath. This non-stop thrill ride could’ve easily gone on for another two minutes, though a full blown “Attak” like that could be dangerous to one’s health. Well, we wouldn’t have to worry about that, because we’re ninjas, so we’re really just looking out for you.

In any case, check out the tremendous tune above, and make sure to pre-order Rustie’s Green Language before it hits shelves on August 26th.

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Shines – Hushed (Feat. K.Raydio) [TMN PREMIERE]

Hushed (feat. K.Raydio)

We speak from experience here when we tell you Mondays can be rough. After a few precious days off from work, it’s not easy being thrown back into the fire, and for many of us we’re reduced to nothing but unproductive balls of drowsiness until we reach for our first cup of miracle brew. That’s why we’re here to underscore the importance of Tuesdays, an oft-neglected day of the week that doesn’t receive very much attention at all. We’d like to think Tuesdays are where we begin to hit our stride again and really get our groove back; if only every groove was like the one we’re about to share with you today. Tuesdays were made for songs like this–a delightful treat that rewards you for making it to Day 2 of your hectic week.

Arriving by way of LA based producer Shines, “Hushed” stays faithful to the song’s title for much of its length, flush with tranquil melodies that build gradually into a meticulous arrangement of vocal loops, delicate harps and soft drums that work together in perfectly synchronous harmony to create a lush and vivid soundscape. The true essence of the song however, isn’t discovered until around the midway point, when K.Raydio lends her gorgeous pipes to breathe some soul into the scintillating tune. “Hushed” is the type of song that can cure the tensest of nerves, serving as a perfect remedy anytime you’re feeling the blues.

Look for the track to be featured on Shines’ upcoming self-titled EP, set for release via Color Station on August 5th. The song is available for purchase today, along with pre-orders for the project on iTunes.

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[Hip-Hop] GoldLink – Ay Ay (Nanpa NOIR Remix)

Ay Ay Nanpa Noir Remix
Ay Ay (Nanpa NOIR Remix)

There’s something to be said about a remix that doesn’t try to do too much. All too often it seems like remixes strive to drastically differentiate themselves from the source material, and while that strategy can help a track stand out on its own two feet, it can also distract from the elements that made the original so great in the first place. 20 year old producer Nanpa NOIR understands these subtleties, and that’s exactly what makes their remix of GoldLink‘s “Ay Ay” so perfect.

A remix’s purpose is to improve upon the sound of the prototype, while also making sure it doesn’t get in its own way. Keeping much of the original intact, Nanpa’s rendition may not sound too different at first, but a closer listen reveals certain intricacies layered in warped production elements, providing the tune with a distinctive and more pronounced sonic identity. Managing to achieve the aforementioned balance of highlighting what we already love about the song, while also improving upon those same aspects, we’d like to hold this up as a shining example of exactly how to execute a remix.

Once you’re finished listening for yourself, make sure to download the track above, and check out Nanpa NOIR’s SoundCloud page for even more incredible remixes.

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[Mashup] Flume – Insane (Feat. Kanye West) (White Panda Vocal Edit)

White Panda Insane
Insane (White Panda Vocal Edit)

Mashups can be a tricky art to master, and while we’ve become much more open to the idea of them in recent months, we still tend to approach them with a certain amount of skepticism. However, when you come across a song that features two of the most brilliant musicians in the world, it’s impossible to ignore. Geniuses that they are, The White Panda have taken it upon themselves to blend together the insanity of Kanye West with Flume‘s hit single, “Insane.” Utilizing verses from “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” Kanye’s defiant boasts operate well over the elaborate, pulsating synthwork, while Moon Holiday‘s yearning background vocals seem to add a heightened sense of wistfulness and provide even more weight behind the lyrics. After listening to the track, we started to wonder what a true collaboration between these two gifted artists would actually sound like. Can someone get them in the studio together ASAP?

Download the single above, and stay tuned for more from The White Panda, as they plan to drop a new song every day this week.

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[NEW] BANKS – Beggin For Thread

Beggin For Thread

Just as we were beginning to grow weary of the countless–although excellent–remixes of her last single, “Drowning,” BANKS decided to bless her fans with some breathtaking new material, unleashing “Beggin For Thread” earlier today. With this latest effort, the talented songstress can safely add yet another notch to her belt, continuing to prove why she’s one of the premiere names at the forefront of pop music. Opting for a much quicker tempo than we’re used to, BANKS still brings much of the same raw energy and aggression in her vocals, producing an addicting melody through the use of zippy synths and reverberating percussion.

As BANKS continues to impress us with each and every release, it makes the wait for Goddess that much more unbearable. Luckily, we’ll have this song to to help occupy the time until the album comes out on September 9th.

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[R&B] The Weeknd – King Of The Fall

King of the Fall
The Weeknd
King Of The Fall

While most of us are still deeply entrenched in our summer mindsets here in the middle of July, The Weeknd as always, is already a few steps ahead, anointing himself as the “King Of The Fall.” Though we’re not quite sure what comes with that title, the song is clearly meant to coincide with his four city tour of the same name that’s set to begin two months from now. If you’re wondering why exactly Abel can afford the crown, look no further than the track itself, in which he proceeds to describe his enviable lifestyle–full of his usual quips about women, drugs and fame. With the amount of quality material the talented singer’s been releasing for free as of late, we’re inclined to recognize his regal status, especially if he decides to return to his mixtape roots at some point in the future. In the meantime, fans should keep this one on constant rotation as they prepare for the shows with Jhené Aiko and ScHoolboy Q later this year.

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