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[Electronic // R&B] Marian Hill – Lips

Marian Hill

The way they part when you are attracted to someone, they way they break into a smile around your friends, the small frown they form when something is wrong.
They are the feature on our face that many of us first notice when we look at others, and the feature that many of us are attracted to.
Marian Hill took that seductive feeling of lips and produced a beautifully sexy song about them called, what else, ‘Lips’. Vocalist Samantha Gongol has always impressed us with her way to sing fairly tempting vocals about everything and anything but she really shines on this song. She paints a picture of these lips that you dream about, those perfect lips on that perfect someone. Along with her vocals, producer Jeremy Lloyd spins his magic with a combination of electronic melodies, voice rendering, snap sounds, and some drums to carry this stimulating song to the very end. This duo has found a singly sound that is unlike much we hear these days, and they continue to show why they work so well together, and why their music is so damn addictive.

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[Indie/Rock] Jameson – Liar


Jameson and his banjo can do no wrong.
With his latest single ‘Liar’, Jamesons is showing us just how big of a range he has with his beloved instrument. The song talks about all the liars we know in our lives, or the ones who may not believe they are liars but would be perceived otherwise by the people around them. With a beautiful banjo melody, some soft percussion, and Jameson’s classic rasp/blues voice, he is quickly becoming one of our favorites artists to listen to.

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[Melodic Dubstep] ODESZA – Always This Late (Illenium Remix)

Always This Late (Illenium Remix)

Remixes of ODESZA’s songs will continue to stream into our inboxes, and we will continue to be impressed with many of them. Denver based artist Illenium has put a beautifully electronic melody over ODESZA’s ‘Always This Late’ to create a kind of magical remix. The song reminds me of a scene from a futuristic movie, where the hero is fighting desperately for their nation, their way of life, or the one they love. Illenium has taken this original and bumped it up to a true electronic song, adding in beautiful piano melodies and synth progressions to add a certain luster to the original song. Get ready for a wild trip with this remix, Illenium wants to show it’s never too late for a great remix.

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[Soul/R&B] Raye – Bet U Wish


I don’t even know where to start writing about this song.
Young London artist Raye is back with her single ‘Bet U Wish’, a heartwrenching song about cheating and the awful consequences for one night of infidelity. Raye has been on our radar since she came into a picture just a few months ago because she has a voice that resembles Rihanna, and lyrics that are older beyond her years but are exactly on point with each individual emotion sung. Raye knows how to sing a song that feels as if she is speaking to each listener individually who has gone through the emotional trenches just like her. Her ability to make you feel the song, especially the brokenness within this single, is consequently stunning. Make sure to check out her whole debut EP ‘Welcome To The Winter’ released a few days ago, I bet you wish you could hear more from her soon.

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[TMN Resident Artist for December] Danny Howard

Cedric Gervais
MissingYou (DJ Fresh & Danny Howard Remix)

We would like to give a warm US welcome to our Resident Artist for December who is making his debut North America tour starting today in Chicago. Ladies and gentlemen, the highly talented electronic producer Mr. Danny Howard. You may not know this incredible artist very much yet and that’s ok, one of our jobs is to help you to get to know him and his music better. He also has only been around a few years, and in those few years has made some big jumps with his music. It all started in 2011 when he claimed the prize of ‘BBC Radio 1’s Superstar DJ’. Since then he has made a name for himself on the island of Ibiza and taken up many European residencies. Howard currently hosts BBC Radio 1’s ‘Saturday Dance Anthems Show’ and launched a new show with Sirius XM ‘Nothing Else Matters’ that runs every Saturday night. In 2013 he launched his first album ‘Clubbers Guide’ from Ministry of Sound which peaked at #1 on iTunes dance music charts.
The perfect artist to start this winter season off with a bang and some electronic melody madness, we are beyond excited to have this European phenomena take over the ninja website. Welcome Danny, we hope you are ready for an incredible month!

Tour Dates:
Saturday 12/6/2014 TORONTO, ON HOXTON
Monday 12/8/2014 LAS VEGAS, NV MARQUEE
Thursday 12/11/2014 LOS ANGELES, CA LURE
Friday 12/12/2014 SF, CA RUBY SKYE
Saturday 12/13/2014 SEATTLE, WA FOUNDATION

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[TMN Resident Artist] Fei-Fei shares her top 5 songs and an inspiring playlist

Before she leaves us, we had to ask Fei-Fei what her five favorite songs were at the moment. She gave us five great songs that we can easily get down to.

Caribou – Silver (in playlist)
Warpaint – Feeling Alright (Daughter Remix)
Lapalux – Make Money
Rustie – Attack feat. Danny Brown

Fei-Fei also wanted to share a special Spotify playlist that she tells us was music that inspired her as she produced her first album Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate. Have a listen for yourself and see if this music inspires you as well, we all get our inspiration from different musicians and genres of music, maybe this will tickle your fancy too.

Thanks to Fei-Fei for a great month!

’Caribou – Essential Mix – Oct 2014’
’Warpaint – Feeling Alright (Daughter Remix)’
’Make Money’
’Attak (feat. Danny Brown)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Music Ninja Gets Feided with Fei-Fei’s mini-mix

The Music Ninja Gets Feided Mix

What better way to start the weekend then with an incredible mini-mix by our resident artist Fei-Fei? She has sent us an incredible personal mini-mix just for you awesome ninjas and in her words she would like each and every one of you to get ‘Feided’ off of the mix. This is one thing to go overboard on this weekend, listen to it while you get ready, while you go out with your friends, maybe a little gym time, a little road trip, anything you have going on this weekend will go quite nicely with Fei-Fei’s exclusive mini-mix.

Now I have to go because I put her mix on and it is time to get the weekend started.


Fei-Fei – Born
Rustie – Raptor
Schoolboy Q – Man of the Year (Price Remix)
Rustie – Slasher
Laure Mvula – Green Gardens (Djemba’s Fest Edit)
Starkey – Uglee
Swick – Super Gold Tennis
Schoolboy Q – Studio (Grandtheft Edit)
Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown
Ross, Kanye, Sean – Sanctified (Brenmar Remix)
Brenmar & DJ Slink – Bait
K. Flay – Thicker Than Dust (Fei-Fei’s Feided Remix)
Ginuwine – Pony (eSenTRIK Remix)
Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds – GO
Fei-Fei – Little White Lies
Fei-Fei – Hold You
Fei-Fei – Back To You
Fei-Fei – Like Goodbye
Fei-Fei – With Me
Andru – Home
Fei-Fei – Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate
Heartsrevolution – Kishi Kasei (Fei-Fei’s Feided Mix)

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