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Lorine Chia
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Cameroonian singer/songwriter Lorine Chia builds the buzz for her latest EP, Naked Truths, available for purchase Oct 29th. The soulful singer questions the listeners to explore more than just what is told to them. The mellow D&D production compliments her sultry and unique voice as she croons over a percussion and synth-assisted beat. At 20 years old, there is a certain sophistication in her lyrics and melodies that exceed her years and she has already made fans out of all of us at TMN. Be sure to take a listen to the latest cut and the full stream of her EP when it drops October 15th.

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[Interview] Afternoon Conversations with Lorine Chia

’Lorine Chia – Help (Lili K & Lorine Chia)’
’Lorine Chia – House On The Hill’
’Lorine Chia – You’re Alright’

In a time of studio altered vocals and generic radio hits, Cameroonian-bred and Cleveland raised Lorine Chia is a refreshing dose of real. With just her vocals and a guitar, Chia put her pension for songwriting to use and built a large fan base in Ohio that’s spread nationwide. Her unique voice has been compared to greats like Nina Simone and Amy Whinehouse, so much so that she was rumored to have sung the hook on Kanye West‘s Yeezus track, “Blood on the Leaves.” With only five years in the game, she has already collaborated with Chance the Rapper, Lili K, and Darius and Dominique Logan. Mixing a vintage voice with contemporary sound, her debut mixtape LORINE gave a taste of her innovative aesthetic, while creating a well deserved buzz.

TMN got the chance to chat with the rising star in preparation for her upcoming Naked Truths EP, dropping October 15th. Giving some insight into her mental, Chia chatted with us about her passion for music, family, love of Drake, and chicken quesadillas. Check out the full transcript below:

TMN: First off, I want to congratulate you on your latest two singles, “Help” and “House on the Hill.” I definitely feel like you have a unique voice and sound. What genre would you consider classifying your music in?

LC: I never really know how to answer that question. I guess its kind of everything at once. Like hip-Hop, soul, and jazz and everything.

TMN: I Know that Makossa is a popular art form in Cameroon as well, do you draw inspiration from that or incorporate that in your music?

LC: Yes, It is! I haven’t been able to incorporate that in any of my music yet because I haven’t found a producer that can really do that. I’m really looking forward to doing something like that. I think it would be cool to make a Makossa track. That would be nuts!

TMN: Coming to America at the age of 6, do you still feel a strong connection back home and to its music scene?

LC: Not really music wise, but more as me as a person. It really has shaped me to be a lot more mature. A lot of people say that I have more of like an old soul and that’s more because of my upbringing. People think that because I left when I was 6 that I don’t remember anything. It’s crazy, like, in Africa the kids are a lot more mature because the kids are given a lot more responsibility at such a young age. When I was like 5, I was doing my laundry by hand. Me and my cousin would go outside and wash our school uniforms. If we wet the bed, we cleaned our mattress. We took care of the house, we washed dishes, and we walked 2 or 3 miles to school.

TMN: So who are some of the artists that influence you today? 

LC: Today? I would say that I love Drake. I love, love, love Drake. He is my number one inspiration. Umm, I listen to Travi$ Scott as well, James Blake, still listen to Amy (Winehouse), Bon Iver, and Future. He is like a trap genius and its so amazing, haha.

TMN: What made you venture into music? 

LC: I think, because I believe in God and all that, I think it was really what i was supposed to do in this world. Ever since I was born, I always loved music and I always wanted to pursue it. After college I couldn’t go back, because I couldn’t afford it, and it gave me time to really work on music, and now here we are today.  At that point in my life, it was a chance for me to say I LOVE it and do it 100%. It’s just wild sometimes how your destiny chooses you.

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[R&B/Soul] Lorine Chia – Help ft Lili K

Lili K and Lorine Chia

Nina Simone soul with a Santigold swag, newcomer Lorine Chia is a rising talent that’s already making her way to notarized stardom. Her latest single, “Help,” finds the Cameroonian-born, Cleveland bred singer/songwriter teaming up with Chicago’s Lili K for a chill tune. The collaborative effort is a laidback track that focuses on the soothing vocals of the rising star, while the beat continues to set the mood. Lovers of this tune can hear more when her debut EP Naked Truths drops October 15th. We also recommend checking out her latest mixtape, Lorine.

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