[Indie] Max and the Moon – Harps

Max and the Moon
We wrote this song about how it feels to operate obsessively in a different reality than the source of attraction we began romanticizing about in the first place.

This is certainly a powerful sentiment for such an upbeat song, but Max and the Moon are right on the money with their message. This four piece indie outfit hailing from California recently shared their latest immaculate tune, “Harps,” and it simply soars right out of the speakers with gusto. The band explains their intention perfectly:

Harps is about the duality of trying to attain something or someone that has always felt unattainable. Whether it be a goal, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, people tend to put things on a pedestal in their lives and assume they themselves are infallible.

There’s a statement that might hit a little closer to home than many of us are comfortable admitting, but it provides a substantial tune that offers more than just a catchy chorus. The rise and fall of the song’s progression parallels the overarching theme innately well, and really creates a cohesive record with pristine instrumentation and textbook indie song structure. Challenge your musical palette today and enjoy this great new tune from Max and The Moon above!

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