[Electronic] QUALIATIK – physicality


The wide world of “future” music pretty much can involve¬†anything these days, but QUALIATIK‘s plan of attack involves a highly refined method of expression that is reflective of her current studies in neuroscience and her eager sense of liberating the constraints of tedious and flat music. She commands the entire process, from the production and vocals to the engineering and artwork, and “physicality” already has garnered support that demonstrates her capability as an all-inclusive artist.

Exhibiting elements of drum and bass, this tune touches on a message of transcendence, cutting through the psyche with a calculated path that not only hits home on a complex and higher plane, but thrives on the surface as a clean and pristine production with an attitude of purpose. QUALIATIK has a debut EP in the works, and this is quite the preview of what to expect when it drops some time next year. If you enjoy your music with a crystal clear directive, look no further, because QUALIATIK has you covered.

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