[Electronic] Lil Skies – Nowadays (Snugs Remix)

Lil Skies
Nowadays (Snugs Remix)

Nothing makes my day more than when I come across new, groundbreaking artists, so when I first listened to this remix by Snugs, I couldn’t help but smile. With only four tracks out on Soundcloud, this act has managed to garner over 400k plays, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

This remix holds onto all the great aspects of the original song, while also changing certain things in the best ways possible. With smooth synths, wild vocal chops, and groovy drums, the ingenuity of this track is next level. I’m so happy I found these guys on my Soundcloud feed because they’re definitely going places.

Oh, and if you’re not grabbing a free download¬†of this right now, I don’t¬†know what you’re doing.

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