Pusher – Switch (Polar Youth Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Polar Youth Remix
Switch (Polar Youth Remix)

Having worked with Pusher previously, it’s no surprise that Polar Youth is showcasing her well developed futuristic chops yet again with a brand new remix of her Hebinomichi comrade. Her contribution to this “Switch” remix EP is defined by bright piano, chirping synths and thunderous bass that rattles your speakers in the best way possible. She’s continuously expanding her horizons with every remix and original, so it’s no surprise that she is tackling the equally stellar work of Pusher and effortlessly excelling at it.

The “future” state of mind and production has grown exponentially within these last couple of years, and it’s encouraging to see producers like Polar Youth truly pushing it to its full potential. But wait, there’s more! Luckily for us, there are additional remixes to catch on this project put together by Boogatti Records, so don’t miss out on the other great tunes by promising up and comers HERE.

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[Chill] Odesza – White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

Since its release last year, Odesza‘s debut album has spread like wildfire receiving glowing support from the dance community. With its glimmering, unique aesthetic, In Return has also become one of the most remixed projects in recent history, further catalyzed by several remix contests run by the production duo themselves. The countless quality re-works that have been put out has made it hard, even for us ninjas, to keep up, but we stumbled across one of “White Lies” this week that we had to share.

LA-based producer Forrest Bumps, of the A Fish Tank collective, replaces the percussion with a steadily building house beat all the while chopping and re-arranging the vocals making for an intoxicating listen. It’s a re-imagination that, rather than completely change the vibe, retains the original’s grace while switching up the cadence in a refreshing way. Give this one a listen above and, if you’re digging it, give it a vote on Odesza’s “White Lies” remix contest.

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Viceroy (ft. K. Flay) – Back At The Start (Delusion Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Back At The Start (Delusion Remix)

We’re no stranger to Viceroy and his newest K. Flay assisted hit, “Back At The Start.” Today, however, we’re excited to show you a fairly fresh face that flipped the tune on its head into a smooth and futuristic groove. Delusion has remixed Oh Wonder and Odesza previously, which are equally as gorgeous and silky, so he isn’t afraid to tackle prime source material. This new endeavor knocks with purpose, but is balanced out by a softer side that sets itself apart from the original in the best way possible. It’s as strong as it is seductive, and every element across the song’s spectrum is dutifully placed with purpose and poise. Delusion has commanded his sound within only a few tracks, so there’s no telling how far he’ll be able to go. Give yourself a much needed break before the weekend hits with this stunning remix by Delusion, and be ready to hear his name around much more often.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 140)


Howdy ninjas! It’s Friday again. We all know what THAT means. Kick it off right with theses ten jams and be sure to #danceirresponsibly. Until next time, enjoy!

Roses (Peter Brennan & TCUP Remix)
Île de Luna (Original Mix)
Around Me (Trooko Remix) ( The Remixes Vol 05 )
Energy (Original Mix)
Milo & Otis
Trap Arms
Goshfather & Jinco X FIrst Gift
Blithe (Original Mix)
Nicki Minaj x M.I.H.
Only (Salva Edit)
William Crooks
The House That Booty Built Ft. Cheldon McQueen
Mr. Carmack
Louis & Prada MikeeyKrook & SickState
Up To No Good (Original Mix)
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[Melodic House] Racing Glaciers – Animal (Evan Gartner Remix)

Racing Glaciers
Animal (Evan Gartner Remix)

After a largely successful remix of The Chainsmokers‘ “Kanye,” Evan Gartner continues his mesh of pop, tropical, and melodic house with a laidback remix of Racing Glaciers‘ “Animal.” This an inspired calm within this new tune, and the warm piano chords gently balance against the equally light percussion, allowing the vocals to really drive up the emotional value. There’s a fine line when tackling simplicity, and Evan has developed a definitive, but effective sound that catches your ear and gives you a chance to really feel something between the notes. Overall it’s a great tune, and Evan Gartner has been consistently putting out some swell new material. Grab the free download through Facebook here.

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[Event Review] CRSSD Festival – San Diego, 3/14-15


As festival season is upon us, many festival go-ers are itching to go to Coachella, especially when talking about the perfect California weather. Goldenvoice, hosts of Coachella, and FNGRS CRSSD have teamed up to create CRSSD Festival, a solution for those who can’t make it to the more high-profile festivals but still want to get a taste of the all-around chill California vibe. With that said, CRSSD festival was the perfect portrayal of sunny San Diego and what it represents.

The first ever CRSSD fest took place in the Waterfront Park from March 14 and 15, and featured a lineup with big names like Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities and Empire of the Sun. While these unique electronic acts headlined the main stage a.k.a “Ocean View Live”, what stuck out the most to us was “The Palms” stage, which was decorated to fit a more laid-back and tropical vibe. Ranging from nu-disco to tropical house, the stage features some of the frontrunners of the dance scene, including names like Bakermat, Thomas Jack, Bixel Boys, Giraffage and Kaytranada. The middle stage, which was named “City Steps”, featured some heavyhitting house acts that span from future bass to G-House, notably Amtrac, Tensnake, James Murphy and Simian Mobile Disco.


Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)

Being that it was a debut festival, CRSSD fest did a phenomenal job of planning and set up. With KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley hosting the festival and filling in between sets with the crowd’s favorite music, there was never a dull moment at the park. Unlike some other major festivals, the Waterfront Park was the perfect size venue for CRSSD fest. The three stages were all easily reachable from one end to another, without overshadowing each other.

Now onto the stars of the show. The best acts on Saturday were undoubtedly Kaytranada and Giraffage. With back to back sets at “The Palms” stage, the two talented artists brought the house down with their immensely high energy performances. From the future bounce mastermind to the quirky creative genius, the two spun tune after tune that got the crowd going nuts. Empire of the Sun also put out an epic performance with their signature glamorous set up with stage dancers. There was no better way to close out the night after a long day of sweating and dancing. Continue reading

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[Future] Alesso – Cool (Feat. Roy English) (Sweater Beats Remix)

Alesso-Cool Sweater Beats remix
Cool ft. Roy English (Sweater Beats Remix)

“Cool” is just the latest chart-topping single from Swedish hit factory, Alesso. The progressive tune has inspired some pretty rad remixes so far, the most recent of which comes from Sweater Beats. Preserving much of the bravado of the original, this new rendition brings with it a new definition of “Cool,” incorporating a much smoother sound that embeds an added sense of passion in the vocals. Only a stream for now, but look for this remix–along with a few others–to drop on April 10th.

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