The Knocks
Classic (RAC Mix)

Well the internet is about to explode because The Knocks just put out their latest remix of RAC’s Summery tune, “Cheap Sunglasses” featuring the lovely vocals of Matthew Komawhich we literally just posted not too long ago. However, to make matters worse (and we mean that in a good way), RAC just dropped his remix for The Knocks’ latest jam, “Classic” featuring Powers. Ninja Clayton and I came up with the theory that these two artists came together and said, “”hey, let’s remix each other’s songs, release them one after another, and see how much the internet freaks out.” Well ninjas, their plan of taking over the internet is in full force and we’re just here waiting for SoundCloud to shut down so we can go make some popcorn and watch our social media timelines freak out.

Now that the pandemonium has been unleashed, we can share our thoughts on the latest RAC remix and praise these artists for being neat as hell. Recently, The Knocks released their newest song with Powers, titled “Classic” to which everyone was out buying apple pie and singin’ to their baes each and every day. Honing down on his ability to throw in his oh-so-calssic RAC guitar riffs, the master of remixes takes us to new heights with this stunning number. We can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we hope you do to.

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