[Dance/Chill] Seafret – Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

One of the hottest acts in all of dance music, and a trio of gentlemen for whom we’ve been passionately consuming their uniquely invigorating dance sound since clear back in 2013, Autograf have returned to our hallowed pages armed with a tasteful flip of acoustic folk due Seafret‘s latest single “Wildfire”. The Chicago triumvirate craft another soothing electronic melody; pumping Seafret’s original vocal track with the deep mistiness of touchy reverb, while encasing them inside a foundation of two-step drum-machine patterning, flowing keys and buoyantly playful synths. It’s clear with each and every passing release the name Autograf finds itself sitting closer to the top of the mountain in regards to their rapid explosion, and it makes us crack a ninja smile to see the rest of the world begin to take notice of their immense talent.

 Along with their latest remix, Autograf have simultaneously announced their impending Metaphysical tour which encompasses sixteen live dates across North America starting in early February, for which you can purchase tickets for here. Be sure to check out Autograf’s tour dates below, and enjoy their sterling remix of Seafret’s “Wildfire” above.
Autograf ‘Metaphysical’ Tour Dates
02.05 | Sett | Madison, WI
02.06 | Miramar | Milwaukee
02.10 | Catalyst | Santa Cruz
02.11 | Soho | Santa Barbara
02.12 | 1015 | San Francisco
02.13 | Exchange | Los Angeles
02.17 | Q | Seattle
02.18 | MIA | Vancouver
02.19 | Euphoria | Portland
02.20 | Casbah | San Diego
02.25 | U St Hall | Washington DC
02.26 | Concord | Chicago
02.27 | Populux | Detroit
03.04 | Coda | Philadelphia
03.05 | Hoxton | Toronto
03.11 | Buku | New Orleans
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[Melodic House] Monogem – Gone (INSTRUM Remix)

Monogem - Gone (INSTRUM Remix)
Gone (INSTRUM Remix)

Brooklyn-based producer INSTRUM has been one of our favorites for quite some time now. With this remix of Monogem‘s massive hit “Gone”,  he showcases his versatility  by rearranging it into a melodic dance track. With the addictive melody provided by singer Jen’s unique vocals, the deep house change-up definitely complements and takes it up a couple notches. Towards the end of the track, there’s also something we’ve never seen in his music before – a breakdown with a hip-hop inspired trap beat, which spices things up for us quite a bit.

INSTRUM’s production style is still evolving. Having millions of Soundcloud plays and a handful of #1 tracks on HypeM, it’s safe to say that sky is the limit for this talented producer. Make sure to grab a free download if you dig the track!

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[Future] A R I Z O N A – Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Chicago producer Snøwmass brings his future bass sound to the A R I Z O N A single “Let Me Touch Your Fire.” He keeps the soft, yet immersive vibe of the original, but brings it forward into a new form that is enticing to electronic music lovers. Snøwmass dishes out a ethereal soundscape, filled with lush pads and supple synths that sooth the listener to the point of pure relaxation. One of the criteria for a good remix is if it did the original justice, and in this case, the reinterpretation passes with flying colors. Usually we hear some sultry house music from this Chicago resident, but we’re glad he dipped his toes into the future bass sound because this remix is simply magical. We suggest you grab this one for your digital library, as it has been released as a free download for fans.

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Louis The Child – It’s Strange (Candyland Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Louis The Child ft. Kay Flay
It's Strange (Candyland Remix)

Candyland is an act that can do anything. Any sound that she sets her mind to, she can attain in jaw-dropping fashion. Today we share with you, for the first time, Candyland’s official remix for Louis The Child of “It’s Strange.” With it comes a soft sounding future production that is one of her most riveting tracks yet. Everything about this flip is tasteful and full of emotion. She matches the deep intrigue of the lyrics with an equally powerful composition that mirrors the tone and mood of what is sang by K. Flay. Candyland absolutely nails the future style, with exceptionally crafted synths and soundscapes that rival even the best tracks out there. Leave it to Candyland to blow your mind every time something is uploaded to Soundcloud. iTunes has the single for sale, so if you need it, head there and get it. Don’t forget that Candyland has her Candy Clvb tour going on soon that is a must see. Check out the dates here and head to a show in your area.

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[Future] EVVY – Tidal Wave (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy
Tidal Wave (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy is one of those producers who has managed his career incredibly well over the past several years while exploring different styles of music. Most recently, the Chicago to LA creator was tapped for an official remix for the track “Tidal Wave” by EVVY. He brings out all the vibes for this one, making a beautiful composition. It’s one of those tracks that if played out live, everyone comes a little closer together, while bringing out those lighters (or cell phones, I suppose) out to sway together. Sound Remedy’s songwriting prowess is displayed in full force with this downtempo masterpiece. Not only is it a good song, but it’s a great one, developing its sound from beginning to end for a truly wonderful listening experience that you’ll have on repeat for some time. Sound Remedy released this track through iTunes, so if you would like to have a copy, then head over there and grab it. It’s well worth the price!

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Emily Vaughn – Better Off (Chachi Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Emily Vaughn
Better Off (Chachi Remix)

Mondays bring a collective realization that all good things must come to an end. Long gone are the late nights and raucous revelry, giving way to the necessary responsibilities. In this case, though, we can hold onto the weekend just a little bit longer, thanks to one New Yorker in particular.

Coming off an impressive stint on Hype Machine’s popular charts last month, Chachi is back at it again with another impressive remix. This time around, he’s dialed up a deliciously bass-laden interpretation of Emily Vaughn’s “Better Off.” The original was ensconced in a sultry, introspective vibe, all of which is translated into this take through the use of perfectly crafted vocal samples and chops. While we would have been happy with a club-centric thrill ride all the way throughout, Chachi adds in a brilliant breakdown towards the last third of the song, which will instantly induce a toothy grin and emphatic nod of approval.

Aside from a first listen, we’re also offering up an opportunity to snag this delightful tune for free. Click here to pick up a copy for your personal collection.

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[House] SNBRN – Beat The Sunrise Ft. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix)

Beat The Sunrise Ft. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix)

We can feel it right now – Austin, Miami, and Indio are all peeking their heads around the corner, beckoning us with their sweet siren call. Yes, it’s only January, but as we’ve come to experience over the past few months, this time of the year moves fast, bringing us the much-anticipated festival season. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started building out your festie playlists. Rest assured, ninjas, this tune belongs in all those playlists.

Atlanta-based Halogen join a few other choice artists who landed official remixes SNBRN’s wildly popular “Beat The Sunrise.” Earlier today, we brought you a look at Gianni Kosta’s take, and now we’re set on highlighting this high energy interpretation. As we’ve come to expect from this fastly-rising duo, piano work comes into play in a characteristic fashion, dashing its way alongside a strong lead melody and those iconic vocals.

If we were betting ninjas, we would put our yen on Halogen having one hell of a 2016. Make sure to keep a close eye on them by following them on SoundCloud.

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