[Future Bass] Sinead Harnett – High Wire (Wet Paint Bootleg)

Wet Paint
Sinead Harnett
High Wire (Wet Paint Bootleg)

Coming off a fire original, Wet Paint are back with an unofficial remix of “High Wire” by Sinead Harnett. Get your week started off in the right direction with this insanely smooth flip. The two producer’s usually push the future funk sound, but drop the funk and add bass; that’s what we have here with this bootleg. Flexing their creative diversity, Wet Paint prove yet again why they are an act to keep your eyes on in the bass music game. James and Dan give a cloud nine cut that nearly forces you to enable the repeat function and listen over and over again. Wet Paint released “High Wire” as a free download, so head through this link to get a copy.

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[Electronic] Panda Bear – Crosswords (Pete Rock Remix)

Panda Bear
Crosswords (Pete Rock Remix)

As we are now over halfway through the year, some of us music writers already start formulating our albums of the year list. Yes I know, it’s a bit early to be thinking about year end lists already, but such is the game inside the online publication world. One such album which is guaranteed to crop up near the top of countless such lists is Animal Collective founding member and acclaimed solo artist Noah Lennox, a.k.a. Panda Bear‘s excellent catalog addition, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. The LP takes on countless sonic mediums, never quite resting its laurels on any one sound; simultaneously functioning as a composition ripe for the remix picking. Needless to say, when we were tipped to a new remix EP, PBVSGR Remixes, to accompany the solid release, our pavlovian response manifested itself in the form of salivation. The third remix single to be released from the package after Andy Stott warped “Boys Latin” and Danny L. Harle took on “Come to Your Senses”, comes from Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop production legend Pete Rock, and it’s checked every box on our remix judgement-meter. An alternate but tasteful play on the original? Check. Gleaming production? Check. Keeping intact the original’s essence? Check.  Pete Rock’s nailed his revision, and we couldn’t wait to share it.

It’s Friday Ninjas, let’s start to get into that weekend spirit with Pete Rock’s “Crosswords” remix above. Check out the complete track listing for Panda Bear’s PBVSGR Remixes EP below.

1. Crosswords (Pete Rock remix)
2. Come To Your Senses (Danny L Harle remix)
3. Come To Your Senses (DJ Marfox remix)
4. Boys Latin (Andy Stott remix)
5. Mr. Noah (Container remix)

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[Electronic] Wild & Free – Tropique (Falqo Remix)

Wild & Free
Low Pressure (Falqo Remix)

Last month, we came across an excellent EP, Low Pressure, from L.A. based duo Wild & Free through Rock It Science Labs, and were immediately struck by their single “Tropique”. While we didn’t have a chance to feature the original, (as much as it pains this writer to reveal) we were blessed with underground dynamo Falqo‘s remix, and were even more entranced with “Tropique” than before. The Australian electronic savante pulls Wild & Free’s original towards a slightly more ambient sea of disco leaning modulation, landing somewhere between dance and chill. Which is exactly where we want to be this Thursday. Falqo’s slick implementation of the original stems flirts with a number of aural toys, from laidback chill-step to clubby house, but most importantly, it flirts heaviest with our ear drums.

Stream Falqo’s remix above, grab a free download here, slip into something comfortable, grab your favorite adult beverage (or not if you’re illegal) and unwind your Thursday.

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[House] Digital Farm Animals – Didn’t Know ft. Yasmin (DFA Club Mix)

Digital Farm Animals
Didn't Know. Feat Yasmin (DFA Club Mix)

We’ve had our ears perked towards London based genre-skirting producer Digital Farm Animals for years now, and his latest evolution has only fanned the flames to our fire. Back in February we featured “Didn’t Know”, a sensual, electronic R&B burner from the Brit that had us all feeling some type of way. Today however, DFA’s taken the Yasmin featuring single straight to the floor with his own Club Mix on the tune, and quite honestly we can’t decide which we like better. While the original floats on top of the type of two-step melody and lush vocal work from which many of us were conceived, the club mix stokes Yasmin’s refrain with a perfect amount of reverb before delving into a huge, jackin’ synth sample and pointed cymbal shuffles to remind us all that we were listening to Digital Farm Animals’ housey side. And that reminder is always a welcome one. We won’t get too deep into our blurb however, and are opting to let Digital Farm Animals’ solid production do the talking instead; check out the DFA Club Mix for “Didn’t Know” above.

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[Trap] Major Lazer & DJ Snake Feat. MØ – Lean On (Stellar Remix)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake
Lean On Feat. MØ (Stellar Remix)

When it comes to remixing music, especially some of the biggest songs of today, you are always taking a risk. Some originals are so revered by the fans that anyone who tries to lend their own flavor are immediately dismissed. On the other hand, because we may know a song so well, it’s intriguing to hear it in a different light.

Stellar’s remix of Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s dance hit, “Lean On,” takes the original in a new, bass-filled direction. Entirely replacing the melody with a ridiculously serious series of bass lines, listeners will find themselves unable to resist the hold of its brilliant rhythm and beat. But just to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, think of a song with one of the heaviest drops you’ve ever heard. Now imagine that drop continuing through out the track, only instead of getting repetitive, constantly switches up, and consistently introduces you to a new rhythm. Basically what we’re getting at here is: this track is a monster, but you won’t know this until you hear it for yourself.

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[Nostalgic] Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Apashe X Oski X Lennon Bootleg)

Backstreet Boys
Everybody (Apashe x Oski x Lennon Bootleg)

All of you are probably asking yourselves, “did I read that title correctly?” “Did The Music Ninja actually just post a Backstreet Boys remix?” Well ninjas, we actually did. Digging deep into our childhoods, Apashe, Oski, and Lennon summon the inner fangirl with their modern take on the boy band’s 1997 pop hit, “Everybody.” The bootleg introduces listeners to a strange, but pleasurable mixture of nostalgia and unfamiliarity. It retains the pop essence of the original and manages to steer clear of tampering with the melody and vocals that have symbolized our youth for over a decade. Simultaneously, the refurbished classic finds its place in today’s music with a harder and grungier feel. So go ahead and take a listen to your soon-to-be favorite guilty pleasure.

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[Deep-House] Nightriders – Demand You (Ralphi Rosario Deepa Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Demand You (Ralphi Rosario Deepa Mix)

It’s always a treat to kick off Mondays after our excellent weekly playlist, The Chill Dojo, with some booty shaking House music. And, leading off our dance based selections today, we’ve got the first listen of Grammy nominated genre staple Ralphi Rosario‘s latest remix for Nightriders‘ “Demand You”. One of Chicago House’s pioneers as a member of the original 1981 ‘Hot Mix 5′ on WBMX Radio, Rosario is no stranger to any dance niche, this time offering a deep-house revision of the Nightriders cut. Shuffled hi-hats, peanut buttery thick kick-drums and a soulful chop of the original vocal track open Rosario’s ‘Deepa’ remix, while tinges of U.K. garage and Detroit techno effortlessly fold themselves in the form of scooting top-line synth and swelling pads. Clearly the dance legend hasn’t missed a beat, continuing to churn out excellent tune after excellent tune; and we’ve been falling all over this one since it came across our monitors over the weekend. Stream Ralphi Rosario’s take on “Demand You” above.

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