[House] PatrickReza & Maya Payne – If Only (Remix)

Patrick Reza
PatrickReza & Maya Payne
If Only (Remix)

Patrick Reza already did work on the bass music game with several tracks like his remix of “Tom Ford” and “Clocktower.” However, his past few releases have been on the house side of the fence, and so is his latest track. Another remix, this time of “If Only” by Maya Payne, was produced for all the party people out there. His production takes from future and electro house to form a song that is going to be holding down festival crowds for months to come. With the introduction we get a sense that things are going to venture pretty deep, but Patrick knocks up the energy instead of playing it cool and classy 100%. On this one you can let loose. The producer’s versatility is expanding, with any sort of sound being up for grabs when he grinds away in the studio. “If Only” was released today as a free download, so head here if you want to add it to your library.

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Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (Halogen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Kaskade & Adam K
Raining (Halogen Remix)

We’re not sure if you caught the news just yet, but Kaskade’s crowd over the past two weekends were some of the largest in Coachella’s storied history.

Kaskade, the only electronic artist tapped to play Coachella’s main stage this year, attracted two of the biggest crowds ever in the music festival’s storied history during the past two weekends. – Mashable

Not that anyone needs an introduction to this legendary captain of progressive house, but his recent increasing popularity may be a sign of things to come in the music scene. The days of aggressive “bangers” and “anthems” are slowly fading, and back again are the days of melodies, gorgeous builds, and ethereal vocals.

Quickly rising ATL duo Halogen know this all too well, as they’ve seen their highly infectious house tunes rack up hundreds of thousands of plays. In fact, their last two releases have both hit a quarter million plays on Soundcloud, garnering them a rapidly growing adoration across the blogosphere.

Today, we hear a gorgeous interpretation of Kaskade and Adam K’s smash hit “Raining,” which soars with unparalleled progressive beauty. It features a longing, anticipatory build, which pays a grateful homage to the original style of the tune. However, things pick up quickly, and we’re welcomed into a culmination of charging piano melodies, synth arrangements, and a whirlwind of percussion.

Pick this tune up today for free on Halogen’s Soundcloud. And, when you do, make sure to give them a follow. You know, because you’re getting a bad ass song for free from them.

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[Electro House] iSHi – Push It (Cazzette VS iSHi Remix)

Push It (Cazzette VS ISHi Remix)

“Push It” by iSHi and Pusha T was released on PRMD on April 20th. With the original comes a massive remix of the track from the Swedish producers Cazzette. Their acidic electro take is quickly becoming one of our favorite remixes. Not only do you get the high-octane electro madness, but with the second chorus cuts the beat time in half to deliver a trapped out ending to an energy draining dancefloor destroyer. If you want to turn things up at a party, or event, then this is your go to. Cazzette can manage chill works and party-poppin’ tunes, and they exceed at both. If you would like to get a copy of this remix, then you can head to iTunes to grab it.

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[Future] Disclosure – White Noise (Baiji Refix)

White Noise (Baiji Refix)

When a Disclosure tune gets remixed, eyes and ears are ready. That is doubly so when the only song on the producer’s Soundcloud is the remix. “White Noise” is the song that got refixed by the Taiwanese American producer Baiji, who’s either just starting out, or swiped his Soundcloud clean. Either way, his production skills are on point and this futuristic R&B jam is evidence of that. His chill downtempo work has already popped off with coverage from blogs, and hearts from fans everywhere, which is no surprise once you have a listen to the song. Baiji is just getting started, so his upcoming works are sure to be even doper than this one. We’re ready for what’s to come, are you? To help prepare, you can put this tune on replay after you download it for free.

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We Were Evergreen – Be Like You (WS Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]


Some of you might be too young to remember this overwhelmingly infectious song from the iconic Disney movie, The Jungle Book. However, it’s safe to assume that for a few decades, kids across the world were dancing around, singing Louis Prima’s memorable lyrics.

Today we not only have an intriguing interpretation of “Be Like You,” we’re also offered up a remix to accompany it. The original comes via French indie pop outfit, We Were Evergreen, who has graced the pages of this blogs numerous times before. This time around, we’re pleasantly enveloped in this newly released cover, which you can pre-order here.

We love the swirling percussions and vocal fragments repeated over delicate piano textures, making the track both danceable and intimate.- We Were Evergreen
Be Like You

Enter remixer WS, who has sculpted vocal samples in a way to where it almost seems as if they were destined for an electronic interpretation. Stepping in stride with the original ideation of the song, this remix focuses strongly on percussion, providing a worldly sound to accompany the twinkling piano keys and ethereal synths.

Like any classics, it’s always tricky to touch a masterpiece. But as WWE took this song to its darkest side, I thought why not emphasizing the somber chords progression and the jungle percussion vibe, and try to take it to the dancefloor.

While he remains mysterious, WS has a bevy of unreleased remixes he’s holding onto, all of which will be made public soon. Rumor has it, he’s also working on original EP as well, so be sure to stay tuned for that come 2016.

Be Like You (WS Remix)
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[House] No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

No Doubt
Don't Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

He’s shown it countless times before, but Dennis Kruissen certainly doesn’t shy away from taking on the classics. With names like Mary Mary and Florence and The Machine already under his belt, there was seemingly no limit to which timeless anthem could be next to fall victim to his addictive deep house spell. Well the wait is over as his latest transformation is complete and once again ready to reignite the passion for an iconic song. Like a blast from the past, all those memories of belting out the chorus of ‘Don’t Speak’ over the top of Gwen Stefani’s lyrics will come flooding back in an instant. Only this time, those unforgettable vocals are accompanied by an infectious groove geared to set dance floors ablaze and have that undying chorus shouted out into the early hours of the morning.

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[Future Bass] Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo – Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo
Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Around a month ago, bass veteran Redial resurfaced with a fresh outlook on where he wanted his music to go next, and an EP to solidify this statement to the rest of the electronic scene. There was promise of more excitement to come, and now that is delivered in the form of a massive official remix for Urban Cone. Don’t be fooled by the soulful tone of the original, because it’s astounding just how well those vocals lend themselves to a fierce future bass anthem. From the hypnotic builds to the crunchy industrial beat, everything about this track has been constructed with the purpose of igniting an eager crowd, and the energy it emits will bring things to fever pitch in a matter of seconds. Look out for this one to be the feature of sets all throughout the festival season this year.

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