[Nu-Disco] CAPPA – Killin’ It (Eau Claire Remix)

Killin' It (Eau Claire Remix)

Rachel Wong’s consistent evolution and progression of sound through her Eau Claire project has been a hot topic of conversation around TMN lately. The DC based disco slayer has continually raised expectations with every passing release, most recently being featured through a properly deep take on Marvin Gaye’s “How Sweet It Is”; and shows no signs of slowing down her assiduous output. Today, Eau Claire’s teamed up with Nashville by way of Philly artist CAPPA to author a disco infused remix of “Killin’ It”, taking the original’s slick downtempo pop feel and framing it gorgeously through a syrupy, even more danceable lens. As the weather turns a bit warmer stateside, we’re expecting to hear this one on rooftops and pool parties all season. Stream Eau Claire’s “Killin It” remix above, and grab a free download here.

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[Deep House] Fyfe – Solace (LCAW Remix)

Solace (LCAW Remix)

The first half of the week has come and gone, which means it’s all downhill from here. You might have laughed at that statement, knowing full and well we still have two and a half days of work left, but fear not. We have some new, impressive music to carry you over the hump and into the weekend.

Originally off Fyfe’s album Control, which came out last year, “Solace” encapsulates this London-based indie artist’s ethereal vibes and articulately crafted vocals. While most wouldn’t envision these vocals fitting into a groovy beat, our favorite Münchner saw it differently.

LCAW is no stranger to taking on unique artists, with remixes of intriguing acts like Parov Stellar, Cosmo Sheldrake, and more. With this interpretation of “Solace,” we’re offered up that warm, smooth familiarity that he brings to all of his work.

Slowly enveloping listeners with repeating guitar samples, steady kicks, and Fyfe’s soothing vocals, we’re left completely lost in this respectful homage to the original. Yet, as much as LCAW tips his cap to the original song’s vision, his remix creates an entirely new experience, and one we won’t soon forget.

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[House] Flight Facilities – Down to Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

Flight Facilities
Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

If there’s one thing we enjoy other than music here at TMN, it would have to be giving back. We’ve been privy to some phenomenal opportunities through our global distribution of great music, and with multi-faceted music industry mogul Sean Glass‘ latest remix, we’ve got another chance to help do some good. The Win Music founder is back with only his second official release, choosing to take Flight Facilities’ “Down to Earth” even closer towards the dance hall behind a tasteful and subtle melody shift, and glittery four-four kick-drum.

Glassnote Records, Future Classic, Win Music, Flight Facilities and Sean Glass are teaming up and offering Glass’ remix to the Dan Fredinburg Foundation. About the free tune, Sean Glass shed some more light on the situation: “The remix release has been made even more special to me because of recent events. We lost a good friend whom I looked up to–Dan Fredinburg.” (Fredingurg was part of an Everest summit team when the first Nepalese earthquake hit and was tragically lost). Also adding: “This week, there was another earthquake in Nepal. They really need our help. We have launched the Dan Fredinburg Foundation and already raised $100k. It only made sense that while I put effort into spreading awareness for my remix, I use that energy to help the causes that are really occupying my mind and heart–rebuilding Nepal and #LiveDan.” The track will be offered as a free download when users follow @DanFredinburgFoundation on Twitter and we’re encouraging everyone to donate www.crowdrise.com/CelebratingDan.

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[Trap] Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Flosstradamus Remix)

Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money” Flosstradamus Official Remix

Flosstradamus scored an official remix for Rihanna with her track “Bitch Better Have My Money.” They go mental, tailoring the remix to the season at hand. The duo even include some hardstyle breaks to really take things up a couple notches. We can always count on Flosstradamus to turn things up, and they certainly do that with this flip. The HDYNATION has been going bananas, as the song has already racked up over 200,000 plays in not even two days. We get classic festival trap by one of the genre’s most popular artists. Get your crunk juice out and turn up the speakers, because this one is a blast.

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astrid s
Astrid S
2am (Rootkit Remix)

Let’s all admit something right now. This song is primed and ready for a whole boatload of remixes. The message conveyed through the lyrics coupled with the stunning vocal tone and finesse just begs to have multiple interpretations of it follow, which is exactly what we’re experiencing at this very moment.

While this tune recently got a very popular makeover from Matoma, today we’re bringing you an exclusive look from 17-year old Norweigan producer ROOTKIT. With his official take on “2 AM,” the Top 40 vibes from the original are long gone. In their place, we find a stunning vocal house remix, one which is sure to get your booty on the floor, with your feet in a full-on shuffle.

We know the weekend is a long ways away, but it is a long one. So, hang in there with gems like this one and we’ll see you on the other side.

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[House/Indie-Dance] Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)
Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

With every passing release, the snowball turned avalanche that is LA house and indie-dance ace SNBRN seems to somehow garner even more momentum. Coming off of highly trafficked original single “Raindrops”, the dance-hit molding son of So-Cal again drops by TMN with a welcome return to the remix world in the form of a “sunset-house” take on the 1982 Marvin Gaye single that launched a million children: “Sexual Healing”. SNBRN takes Gaye’s sultry soul ballad straight into his addictive realm of House production through a directed, floor shaking bassline and mindfully plucked vocal chops; creating a fusion between the past and present that simply has us shaking our hips in vigorous approval. If we were the betting types of Ninjas, we’d wager that this one is about to go on a viral tear to coincide with the impending waves of Summer (at least here in the States).  In regards to this latest release, SNBRN gave us a little more insight:  “This track has been a staple in my live sets for months now. I wanted to create something super funky and upbeat, but still have that soul to it. For a long time the instrumental had no hook, until one night I started cutting up old 80’s records and found the perfect fit…”  We think he’s found the perfect fit as well. Stream SNBRN’s remix of “Sexual Healing” above, and please, try to contain yourselves.

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The Weeknd – Where You Belong (Justice Skolnik Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

The Weeknd
"Where You Belong" (Justice Skolnik Remix)

For sharing the same last name as one of the most iconic nerds of all time, Justice Skolnik is one of the smoothest dudes around right now. While that pop culture reference from the 80s most assuredly soared over most of your heads, we’re going to stick to our guns. Maybe it will encourage you to watch a few movies from before your time.

We digress.

We’re assuming this 18-year-old Windy City producer isn’t well versed in movies from nearly four decades ago, so let’s just focus on the task at hand – his interpretation of “Where You Belong.” Originally crafted by The Weeknd, this tune has new fire breathed into it with rolling clicks, booming 808s, and a near-trop style lead synth. Complete with atmospheric layering and those classic Future Bass style drips and creaks, Skolnik gives us an anthem that’s perfect for cruising around town with our windows down, or courting a new main squeeze.

Keep an eye out for this young gent by following him on SoundCloud.

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