[Nu-Disco] Moon Boots – Magic

Moon Boots

When Leon Oziel created the French Express record label in 2010, it signaled a departure from the norm of big-room music production. Originating with the ideals of originality and fearlessness in mind, its producers set out to break the mold regarding the state of electronic music. 5 years have passed since its foundation, and the collective has ascended to the position of DoLab favorite and torchbearer for the blend of nu-disco and dance music.

With a stacked list of contributors featuring Isaac Tichauer, Jonas Rathsman, Chris Malinchak and Perseus, the assemblage has built a reputation on its collective of like-minded artists, churning out tunes that fit into the DNA structure of R&B Disco Funk.

Fitting perfectly with that theme is fellow collective mate Moon Boots’ new song “Magic”. Released via Annie Mac’s New Music Monday series, “Magic” uses an up-tempo vocal sample to construct an irresistible foot tapping track. Moon Boots also utilizes subtle ambient vocalizations, an extensive use of synthesizer, and a funky base line to round out the song.

In producing a tune comparable to his previous hits, the Chicago-based producer has pulled elements from works like “C.Y.S.,” Talk Talk, and Don’t Ask Why in creating another timeless single. Listeners can stay up to date on new releases on his soundcloud, and can catch him live at Mamby on the Beach in Chicago or at Woogie Weekend presented by DoLab in Los Angeles in July.

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[Indie-Dance/Nu-Disco] Saint Motel – My Type (Eau Claire Remix)

Saint Motel
My Type (Eau Claire Remix)

Washington D.C. based dance bender Eau Claire has been cruising on a tsunami sized wave of buzz lately, and clearly has no plans on slowing down. Certainly one of the busier remixers to permeate our airwaves, Eau Claire’s latest revision comes on indie supergroup Saint Motel‘s radio sweeping single “My Type”, and she’s slathered her feelgood corner of dancefloor directed sound all over it. If you’ve heard the original tune, you may have most likely gotten that original sax hook stuck inside your temporal lobe for better or worse; but Eau Claire effortlessly errs on the better side. Saint Motel’s vocal  gets swaddled in syrupy sweet synth and glittery pads before letting that aforementioned hook burst through, bolstered by pulsating yet light kicks and airy claps resultign in just a beautiful alternate take on Saint Motel’s. Good luck getting this one out of your head today. Stream Eau Claire’s “My Type” remix above and be on the lookout for more additions to her steady and tasteful output soon.

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[House] Ferreck Dawn – Heaven Sent

Ferreck Dawn
Heaven Sent

As our weather stateside continues to test the tolerable heat index while pool & rooftop parties begin rolling out in the masses, we’ve begun to start craving those perfect Summertime dance tunes. Much to our delight and listening pleasure, it seems that Dutch House superstar Ferreck Dawn heard our calls for tasteful singalong dance music as he’s dropped one of the most infectious tunes we’ve heard in 2015, “Heaven Sent”. Dawn’s certainly had the Midas Touch over the last year, racking up some of the year’s most notable deep-house cuts including collaborations with Redondo (“Love Too Deep” and “Something Else”) and “Heaven Sent” follows a sterling blueprint for club success. Featuring a soaring vocal, clearly the tune’s focal point, “Heaven Sent” rounds itself out further with uplifting grand piano stabs as its hook, scampering percussion and a perfectly swung bassline to create the type of tune that can be just as happily enjoyed in your car, relaxing in a pair of worthy headphones or in the middle of a sweaty, packed club floor.

“Heaven Sent” is out now on Beatport for our savvy listeners looking to add that choice ‘heat-track’ to their favorite playlists or DJ sets, but as you’ve made it this far, stream Ferreck Dawn’s latest single above.

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[Indie/Funk-Pop] Favored Nations – Always

Favored Nations

If you haven’t yet come into contact with globe-spanning electronic supergroup Favored Nations then a) You probably never beat Grand Theft Auto V’s complete story mode to be blessed with the single best closing song to a video game in “The Setup” and b) We wholeheartedly forgive you. The trio, comprised of indie-dance and house producer James Curd, Empires of the Sun guitarist Surahn Sidhu, and former Diamond Nights lead vocalist Morgan Phalen, are back with the announcement of a pending full LP release titled The Great Unknown through fledgling L.A. label Antler Records on September 18th, and brand new single “Always”. “Always” follows the forward thinking synth based framework laid down by Favored Nations’ past material, but flirts more tenderly with numerous funk-inspired sonic elements including a bit of Nile Rodgers tipping guitar licks and padded disco strings to unveil yet another, more mature corner of their songwriting abilities. We’ve been waiting patiently for new material from Favored Nations’ holy triumvirate for just under two years now, and we’ll happily consume “Always” ad nauseum until more trickles out of their camp. Until then, stream “Always” above.

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[Artist Spotlight] EC Twins Drop Two New Singles, Label & Tour


It’s not often that twins end up making a break for the top of the music industry. Sure, we have NERVO, but now, on the male side, we have an act from the United Kingdom who are making waves. Brothers Marc and Allister, who make up EC Twins, are set to impact the industry in a big way, as they have recently made some moves on multiple fronts that will have their fan base growing exponentially in no time.

On the music front, the EC Twins recently dropped two singles, both for free. Each track was also released on the duo’s label, Twin Turbo Records, that was launched, and the imprint is slated to release much more music in the near future. For now, both “Number One” and “Won’t Let You Down” have been pushed, each being house tracks; however, the musical flavors each bring are a little different.

EC Twins
Number One

EC Twins have the talents not only in the studio, but also when they play their live show. They’ve locked Las Vegas residencies, and currently have their No Apologies tour underway, so if you’re in any of the areas and have an open night, make sure to head over and experience what these two bring to the table.

EC Twins
Wont Let You Down

This year, the brothers have much more music planned, on top of more shows for their fans to experience. They’re looking to take a high spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 list when that rolls around, so be ready to cast your vote when the time comes. In the mean time, enjoy the tunes EC Twins brought forth, and don’t forget to download the juicy house goodness.

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[Nu-Disco/Synth-Pop] Dim Sum – High Love

Dim Sum
High Love

Nothing says Summer quite like a breezy disco cut, and today French duo Dim Sum have come through with a buoyant, pop slathered take on one of our favorite warm weather mediums. After the recent release of their Coucou Disco EP and taking on remix duties for the likes of Odesza, and Foster the People; Dim Sum have reeled us in yet again with “High Love”. Featuring a skittering topline synth that breaks like beach waves, punchy four-four kick and a soaring vocal track, “High Love” plays like a Summer rooftop groover steeped in sophisticated melody. It’s always great to come across a young music project whose sound and concept is already intact, and Dim Sum will surely be on the TMN radar as their releases continue to drop. “High Love” will receive a June 29th release on French imprint Soundress, but until then, get your kicks here at TMN with a stream above.

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[Nu-Disco] Lifelike & Kris Menace – Ready 4 Love

Ready 4 Love

Parisian producer Lifelike and Germany’s Kris Menace last teamed up just over a decade ago with their globe trotting smash “Discopolis”, which if those of us older Ninjas remember, was truly one of the first shots fired in what we’d now consider the nu-disco landscape. It was no surprise that nearly ten years later, as we heard the two dance forces had teamed up again for another dual entry “Ready 4 Love”, we more than took notice. “Ready 4 Love” composedly skitters on top of a vibrant, 80’s hearkening Roland 909 progression, lush claps & hi’s and modish disko bassline before settling into a directed sea of boogying club sounds. While much of today’s nu-disco and indie-dance associated records have a blueprint, pop structure in nature, it’s been artists like Lindstrøm, Todd Terje and Lifelike & Kris Menace that have been keeping the more musically inclined sector of us disko-kids sated with genre expanding work including this latest single entry into that elite group: “Ready 4 Love”. While we may have felt a little burned in regards to the decade long wait since the pair’s last joint-effort, “Ready 4 Love” is quickly making up for the time we’ve lost between releases.

We may have been a few days late to the party on this release, but with support already pouring out of TMN favorites Gorgon City, Tensanke and AlunaGeorge, it’s easy to see why we’ve been so wrapped up in “Ready 4 Love” and had to share regardless. Stream Lifelike & Kris Menace’s latest collaboration above.

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