[Nu-disco] Lenno – Fever (Feat. Benson)

Fever (Feat. Benson)

Lenno is a 20-year-old producer from Finland. In 2015 he released a string of constant hits and played over 20 international shows. In other words, this young artist is breaking through and you don’t want to miss his new release. I love Lenno’s music because he can take serious musical aspects and blend it into an overall fun pop sound. “Fever” is his the single that features nu-disco rhythms and a catchy vocal part from the singer, Benson.  Check it out!


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Hi-Fi Cali – Soulmates [TMN PREMIERE]

Hi Fi Cali

TMN is stoked to give you all a first look at electropop duo Hi-Fi Cali’s latest single, “Soulmates.” A direct off-shoot of Chris Bartel’s previous project Bora York, the Minneapolis duo brings us a smooth, downtempo disco track with this release that’ll get you snaking your head to a synth-driven rhythm, funky guitar riff, and finessed bass. After all that action, about half way through the song you’ll get a treat of some ambient butterfly effect tones that’ll take you up and away.

While the highly pleasing falsetto vocals on this track are a close second, our favorite thing about this tune has got to be the way that Hi-Fi Cali creates a perfect symphony of retro synths throughout, all building upon one another with patience and purpose.

This tune is absolutely perfect for fans of electropop favorites Chromeo, Bag Raiders, Holy Ghost!, and even Toro y Moi. Let’s hope their hot sound can get them through those cold winters in Minnesota. Don’t freeze please—we want to hear more.

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[Electronic] MIAMIGO – Last Summer

Last Summer

The band Miamigo has been hard at work. Their previous releases have received a lot of critical attention and we are excited to present the group’s newest song. This Brighton-based band just released a track from their new EP, Soda Lime Love. It’s an easy listening jam called, “Last Summer.” The unique instruments, rhythms and crunchy guitar are definitely a signature sound. If you like Indy rock or pop-influenced electronic music you will probably love Miamigo. So listen to “Last Summer” and be sure to check out the rest of the new EP.

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Bit Funk – Off The Ground [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Bit Funk - Off The Ground - COVER 1500px sRGB-1
Bit Funk
Off The Ground (ft Shae Jacobs)

We are proud to present a first look at Brooklyn-based Bit Funk‘s music video for his newest single “Off The Ground.” here at TMN this morning.

Call him El Nino– this track is making huge waves in a very short amount of time. The tune has already hit #2 on HypeM and has close to one million plays since its release. The motivating clap track that’s present at the start of the song along with Shae Jacobs’s R&B-driven vocals are a retro electro combo that builds until it drops. The modern electronic sound rushes in with a deep house beat and the commencement of vocal loops, reminding us that this is indeed a club hit. At this point everyone in the crowd is going to be straight boogie-ing. I know we were our first listen. This track’s smooth and well on its way to becoming a dance floor regular.

For some added boogie inspiration, make sure to check out the music video, as well.

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[Deep-House] Alcala – What I Want [TMN Premiere]

What I Want

DJ turned producer Daniel Alcala, who’s become much more recognizable simply as Alcala, first started gaining notoriety over a decade ago cutting his teeth as quite the crafty decksmith, while opening for the likes of Fake Blood, Matt Darey, Viceroy and Yolanda Be Cool. However, Alcala’s star didn’t truly start to shine until a steady output of remixes for artists like Crystal Castles, Givers, Royksopp, Kavinsky, Dragonette, Nightriders and M83 began worming their way through a number of dance industry corners, eventually finding their way to the top of multiple online charts in the process. Today, we’ve got our hands, or rather ears on Alcala’s latest original, “What I Want”, and as the snow and gloom in this writer’s home city of Denver settles in, it’s proving as the perfect atmospheric pick-me-up. “What I Want” rides the contemporary house backbone of a thick, syrupy bassline, shuffling hi-hats, rising pads and deft vocal chops for its first half, but during an excellently executed break we’re hit with the kind of classic house piano that would make Marshall Jefferson crack a smile,  bringing the entire track together in a clean, cohesive and utterly groovy design.

While Alcala’s remixes are the tunes nabbing the rising artist millions of YouTube views, we’re quite in tune with his latest body of work for which our latest TMN Premiere take its name, the What I Want EP which is getting set for a November 20 release. But, until the full extended-play is unveiled stream its title track “What I Want” before anyone else above.

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[House] Allen French – Rosie

Allen French
Rosie (Original Mix)

San Francisco made Allen French has been programming dance sets under various monikers for the better part of the last decade, and that type of deep, personal club experience has clearly attached itself to his brief, but sophisticated catalog. While only releasing original music as Allen French for the past year plus, the now L.A. based producer wields a sound that would take most artists a much longer time to develop; fusing the kind of classic house soul and energy that was heard in Chicago’s mid-80’s Warehouse years, with a sprinkled air of contemporary edge to forge a sonic palate completely his own. The latest from French and first release on the aptly named French Press Records, “Rosie”, takes its listener on a fervid arc as its foundation is gradually built upon the usual house layers of thumping kick-drums, scuzzy synth builds and rolling bass, but is lifted further through its live instrumental elements including stabbing bongos and a flitting flute hook. That vocal should sound pretty familiar as well, taken from Alan Lomax’s original prison tune “Rosie”,  and while we honestly never could’ve pictured that timeless vocal taken to the dance hall, Allen French pulls it off effortlessly. Just beautiful stuff really. But rather than read about, do yourself a solid and listen to “Rosie” above.

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[House/Indie-Dance] YACHT – Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Ringtone (Joe Goddard Remix)

Perhaps one of the most multifaceted studio blokes around the music industry today, Joe Goddard seems to carry a certain gravitas whenever his name is attached to anything. Known most primarily as one of the chief architects behind the almighty Hot Chip, and co-founder of Greco-Roman Records (the same label which housed debut releases from the likes of Disclosure & TEED), Joe Goddard has carved out quite the tastemaking assemblage of fans through those avenues; but his high profile remix work as a solo artist has always been just as intoxicating of an earworm for this writer as well.

Last month, the L.A. based ‘band, business and belief system’ otherwise known as the future-pop sweethearts of James Murphy’s legendary DFA imprint, YACHT, presented us with “Ringtone”, the third single to be released from their concept-bending LP I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler -which by the way may be running one of the most creative preview campaigns we’ve ever seen– and like a lot of their pop infused catalog, was one of those tunes just begging for the remix treatment. From the moment we first heard Joe Goddard would be taking on official remix duties, our little Ninja hearts couldn’t help but skip a beat as we prepared for something special. And oh, how he delivered. Goddard seamlessly folds YACHT’s recorded “ringtone” and notification sound bites into a uniform indie-dance anthem fueled by Goddard’s slick, hand-keyed basslines and synth progressions. Honestly, we could go all day about this one, but we’ll let Mr. Joe G. tell you in his own words instead: “I love YACHT; I think their music and their live performances are mesmerising, and they are just plain good people. For this release, I wanted to make an old-fashioned Chicago banger as if the Eurythmics were remixed by DJ Pierre.” He certainly hit the nail on the head with that statement, but why don’t you just check out Joe Goddard’s “Ringtone” remix for yourself above.

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