COURTS – Part Of (Space Maverick Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.54.45 PM
Part Of (Space Maverick Remix)

Some combinations of genres were simply separated at birth. Indie and disco have, time and time again, created some phenomenal pairings, and Space Maverick‘s rendition of COURTS‘ “Part Of” continues this trend proudly. With funky basslines, bright synths and grooves galore, this remix is kicking off your pool party whether you like it or not. Don’t be afraid to bust out the umbrella drinks, because it’s basically a guarantee that you’ll be soaking up the sun with this fun tune. Meet your funk quota for the day and enjoy your Monday with the help of Space Maverick!

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Ultra Music Festival 2015 – Must See Acts [TMN EDITORS' PICKS]


We’re less than a day away from Ultra Music Festival kicking into full swing, we thought it’d be the perfect time to throw a wrench in your perfectly laid out plans. As we do every year, our team of ninjas have hand-selected a few of their must-see acts, giving you an even bigger scheduling nightmare than you already had before.

With that in mind, we strongly suggest catching even a small portion of sets from these artists below, as they’ve come to be some of the most impressive we’ve caught over the past few years.

Matthew Bloss


Friday, Resistance Stage, Presented by Link Miami Rebels, 9:00 PM

After nabbing Resident Advisor’s #1 DJ of 2014, Steffen Berkhahn has seen his ‘Dixon‘ project near the top of every house & techno head’s ‘Must-See’ list. Though his signature style has undeniably morphed over the years, he’s stayed remarkably independent and adventurous, and he’s fiercely loyal to his label’s sound no matter how large the stage. For those in need of a massive set not aimed at the ‘EDM’ crowds, ABSOLUTELY do not miss Dixon’s slot.

in our wilderness



Sunday, Ultra Worldwide, 5:00 PM

The king of tempered down, breeze-along diso melodies, Goldroom hasn’t forgotten the platform which put him on the tip of so many tongues: the DJ booth. Josh Legg’s DJ sets still function as a vital part of the Goldroom experience even after expanding to a live four-piece. Everyone needs a chilled out hour or two during UMF’s absurd three days. Make it with Goldroom.

Till Sunrise



Friday, Live Stage, 11:00 PM

Potentially the Norwegian duo’s last ever run on the festival circuit after announcing an end to albums for their timeless dance-pop project, culminating with an incredible 2014 two-hour opus, fittingly titled The Inevitable End. Just the premise of not having them around in the near future is enough to make us label this as one of our ‘Must-See’ performances of the weekend.

Thank You

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[Event Review] CRSSD Festival – San Diego, 3/14-15


As festival season is upon us, many festival go-ers are itching to go to Coachella, especially when talking about the perfect California weather. Goldenvoice, hosts of Coachella, and FNGRS CRSSD have teamed up to create CRSSD Festival, a solution for those who can’t make it to the more high-profile festivals but still want to get a taste of the all-around chill California vibe. With that said, CRSSD festival was the perfect portrayal of sunny San Diego and what it represents.

The first ever CRSSD fest took place in the Waterfront Park from March 14 and 15, and featured a lineup with big names like Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities and Empire of the Sun. While these unique electronic acts headlined the main stage a.k.a “Ocean View Live”, what stuck out the most to us was “The Palms” stage, which was decorated to fit a more laid-back and tropical vibe. Ranging from nu-disco to tropical house, the stage features some of the frontrunners of the dance scene, including names like Bakermat, Thomas Jack, Bixel Boys, Giraffage and Kaytranada. The middle stage, which was named “City Steps”, featured some heavyhitting house acts that span from future bass to G-House, notably Amtrac, Tensnake, James Murphy and Simian Mobile Disco.


Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)

Being that it was a debut festival, CRSSD fest did a phenomenal job of planning and set up. With KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley hosting the festival and filling in between sets with the crowd’s favorite music, there was never a dull moment at the park. Unlike some other major festivals, the Waterfront Park was the perfect size venue for CRSSD fest. The three stages were all easily reachable from one end to another, without overshadowing each other.

Now onto the stars of the show. The best acts on Saturday were undoubtedly Kaytranada and Giraffage. With back to back sets at “The Palms” stage, the two talented artists brought the house down with their immensely high energy performances. From the future bounce mastermind to the quirky creative genius, the two spun tune after tune that got the crowd going nuts. Empire of the Sun also put out an epic performance with their signature glamorous set up with stage dancers. There was no better way to close out the night after a long day of sweating and dancing. Continue reading

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[Chill/Nu-Disco] Falcon Punch – Square One

Falcon Punch
Square One

The last time we had the pleasure of featuring Denver based laid-back dance slinger Falcon Punch was with a lovely contribution to MANI/PEDI Records “Silk”, and it was only shortly thereafter that he set the music blogosphere on fire with “Donald’s Bird”. Today, one of our most looked-to disko tastemakers is back with another tastefully arranged piece of placid dance construction, “Square One”. A funk-fueled, slow groover, “Square One” interweaves every piece of Falcon Punch’s sophisticated production psyche together effortlessly. Bouncing along on an understated and underground favoring deep synth line and a smattering of reverb treated Mo-Town vocal chops, we were easily entranced no less than four bars into his latest movement. But, the real treat for us was discovering the versatile musician’s talents extend far beyond the confines of computer production programs. Almost every inch of “Square One” pulses with painstakingly written and modulated analog instrumentation; from the delicate keys, to serene guitar plucking and swinging bassline, Falcon Punch occupies a tangible music space so few producers dream to delve into. It’s more than inspirative when we learn our favorite dance artists maintain and bridge the fundamental connection between legitimate music players and dancefloor wizards so needless to say, “Square One” has been on repeat around the TMN offices today. It’s high time our Ninja friends join the party, and to do you one better, grab a free download here.

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[Playlist] TomorrowWorld Announces 2015 Musical Curators


It’s hard to even fathom any festivals beyond SXSW and WMC right now, but with TommorrowWorld’s recent announcement, we’ll gladly take a break from the impending madness to share the news.

Just last week, the promoters of TomorrowWorld shared some insight on what’s in store for the festival’s third year. While we’re still on our toes for the first phase of lineup to be announced, TomorrowWorld has announced their 2015 musical partners that will be curating the festival’s various stages.

From Hardwell’s Revealed stage, to the Hospital Records stage, to a Future Classic stage, planning your show schedule is going to be a difficult task. Every genre of dance music will be represented to some degree at the fairytale-themed festival, and these curators are a true statement to the caliber of talent that TomorrowWorld is known for. In addition to the artist curated stages, themed stages will also be present as the festival brings back It’s a Trap! and Mythical Frames while also introducing two new themed stages – a Future House stage and the L!ve stage.

Last but not least, for the .0001% of you that have a legitimate conflict with this year’s festival, TomorrowWorld is not planning on leaving anytime soon. As of last week, the Chattahoochee Hills City Council officially extended the festival’s land usage permit for TomorrowWorld in 2025. It seems the people of Georgia want to keep the mystical event around for their kids to experience as well.

In celebration of this curator announcement, we’ve pulled together playlists from them all. While we can’t guarantee that any of the acts from these will make the cut, they should give you a strong indication of what to expect.

REVEALED: Revealed Radio
SMASH THE HOUSE: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Smash The House Radio Special
FULL ON: Corstens Countdown 401
PARADISE: Essential Mix
BBC Radio 1
TRANCE ADDICT: Sleepless Nights EP 101
DRUMCODE: Drumcode Radio Live
Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Xmas Mix
Day Off
HOSPITAL RECORDS: 60 Minutes Of Hospital Records on BBC1Xtra
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Flagship – Life Underwater (Love Thy Brother Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Life Underwater (Love Thy Brother Remix)

The Canadian sibling act, Love Thy Brother, returns to supplement their remix collection with a winning combination of nu-disco and Flagship. With a balance of funk and house that follow a similar path of Cherokee, these two brothers truly have built upon a solid foundation that they’ve set up for themselves with their previous work. Guitar licks slide alongside the groovy bassline and tropical influenced synth stabs for a slick mesh of genres that melt into each other effortlessly. They’ve created an essential tune to kick off the impending festival season with, and the all around sunny disposition from this tune is ridiculously contagious. Enjoy the vibes and start off the spring right with Love They Brother!

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[House] Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Halsey - Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)
Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Following their epic Imagine Dragon remix, LA-based Lost Kings are switching gears to melodic house by remixing “Ghost” by New York singer Halsey. To our surprise, the combination of the two forces works wonders. Halsey’s vocals go perfectly with the joyful vibe driven by a tropical synth. The tune is stripped and then accompanied by slowed drums. You will be caught singing along and dancing to this catchy tune without question.

The Lost Kings once again showcased their diverse caliber, as they’re able to grab different elements and turn them into something special. If you want to get through your mid-week struggle, or want something that will make you happy in an instant, here’s your answer.

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