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[Hip-Hop] OCD: Moosh and Twist – Hold It Down

Moosh and Twist have been coming up in hip-hop the past year or so and damnit if this song isn’t their best so far. “Hold It Down” features a hard hitting beating that manages to maintain that “good feeling” through some string instrumentals throughout. Moosh and Twist both feature great verses that have you nodding your head unconsciously. Hell, the song has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I’m not mad about it. With it being on repeat, the most noticeable thing with OCD is how well their two different styles work within the same song.

“Hold It Down” is featured on OCD’s newest mixtape The Vestibule and I highly recommend picking it up or else you may not be invited to Music Ninja’s next club meeting.

’OCD Moosh & Twist – Hold It Down’
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Planet Asia ft. Willie the Kid and Fashawn – Fuck Rappers

If you haven’t heard of Planet Asia, allow me to introduce you. He’s one half of the duo Cali Agents (with Rasco) but has become better known in the hip hop community for his solo releases since he signed with Interscope Records. The track Fuck Rappers features a laid back sample, reminiscent of something Kanye has used in the past and features two worthy guests in Willie the Kid and Fashawn. Roll the windows down and cruise the town because this has that feel good easy summer flow. Clever lyrics deliver a simple and boastful message but damnit you’ll be bobbing your head involuntarily shorty after it starts. You can find this track on Planet Asia’s new album Black Belt Theater which is worth a listen to based off the name alone but features quality hip hop, if the title doesn’t convince you.

’Fuck Rappers : Planet Asia’
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Crooked I – Exodus 23:1 (Psalm 82:v6 Mixtape)

Crooked I has been one of hip-hop’s best kept secrets until his recent ties with Eminem’s Slaughterhouse. Exodus 23:1 is one of the highlights of his June mixtape Psalm 82:v6 and it features Crooked I’s evolved flow. While he uses less double time in recent years, the lyrics have remained on point with a clearer more melodic flow. Quality gangster rap is hard to find these days but Crooked I’s lyrical perspective keeps the genre alive and in damn good fashion.

’Crooked I – Exodus 23:1 Freestyle’
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Nas – Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)

As soon as the beat drops you have to ask yourself if this is 1994 again? Damnit it’s not Illamtic, but the song screams 1990’s hip hop. Void of the electro vibes that’s become a main stay in today’s rap, Loco-Motive is a nostalgic track and plays intentionally so. It only make’s sense with Large Proffessor helping produce this track, the same producer who helped Nas on Illmatic. If Nas’s up coming album Life is Good stays true to this formula then expect it to be mentioned as one of best rap albums this year.

Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)’
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