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[Electronic] Expo – Right Here With Me


Following the online success of their debut single ‘I Don’t Mind’, Belgian act Expo have put out their second, ‘Right Here With Me’. A light and relaxing slice of pop, ‘Right Here With Me”s charm lies in the soft vocals and delicate synth. Expo have got mellow electro down to a T, and their future releases are highly anticipated by bloggers and fans alike.

Right Here With Me by expomusic

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[Indie] Youth Lagoon – Afternoon


Trevor Powers, AKA Youth Lagoon, dropped his record ‘The Year Of Hibernation’ on Fat Possum this week, and we just had to mention star track ‘Afternoon’. Endearingly insecure and slightly twee (in the best way possible, of course), ‘Afternoon’ is a song that will plaster a giant grin over your face and leave you whistling and clapping along to Powers’ fantastic instrumentation. A must-listen for fans of Noah And The Whale et al.

Youth Lagoon – Afternoon


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[Indie] Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes & Too Close


The first thing you need to know about Alex Clare is that he has an outstanding voice, full of raw passion and soul. The second thing about this British talent is that he’s not just happy with sticking to one genre. Oh, no. From his intense piano-led cover of Etta James’ ‘Damn Your Eyes’, to the grinding beats of ‘Too Close’, Clare likes to mix things up and keep his audience ravenous for more. Debut album ‘Lateness Of The Hour’ is out now and is a must-have.

Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes by Alex Clare

Too Close by Alex Clare

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[Indie] Cultfever – Knewyouwell


Brooklyn duo Cultfever are still relatively unknown, but the blogosphere is picking up on their gorgeous brand of dreamy electro-pop. Vocalist Tamara Jafar’s soft vocals glide over J. Peter Durniak’s synthy experimentalism on ‘Knewyouwell’, creating something of a delirious high for the listener. A definite one-to-watch, Cultfever’s self-titled debut album will be released on November 1.

Cultfever – Knewyouwell


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[Electro] Crystal Fighters – Plage (Rudi Zygadlo Sexed Up The Dossier Remix)

We featured ‘Plage’ by genre-crossing act Crystal Fighters a while back now, but here’s a stunning remix by Rudi Zygadlo to set the pulse racing. Starting out with solemn piano, the track quickly turns into a slow-burning dance anthem, with grinding beats and hazy vocals. A deliciously rhythmic treat from Zygadlo that truly fits the ‘Sexed Up’ part of the remix’s name.

  Plage (Rudi Zygadlo Sexed Up The Dossier Remix) – CRYSTAL FIGHTERS by RUDI ZYGADLO

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[Folk] Lucy Rose – Scar

Up-and-coming folk singer Lucy Rose is an oddly traditional tale of success. Leaving home at 18 to pursue a life in London, she began performing at open mic nights to much acclaim from locals. Then she met Jack Steadman, better known as the frontman from Bombay Bicycle Club. Lucy featured on the title track from the band’s sophomore album, ‘Flaws’, and has since been furthering her solo career with the release of debut single ‘Middle Of The Bed’. Now she’s back with ‘Scar’, a gorgeously wistful acoustic number that comes across as a slightly poppier Laura Marling. Lucy’s vocals are angelic yet somehow real enough to convey the emotion of the song. It’s a promising start from a hot young talent, and will no doubt get Lucy Rose on many ‘Tips For 2012’ lists. ‘Scar’ is released on November 14.

  Lucy Rose – Scar by Lucy Rose

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[Pop] Lana Del Ray – Blue Jeans

Retro starlet Lana Del Ray is back after putting out ‘Video Games’ with the brand spanking new ‘Blue Jeans’. Another stunner, this track kicks off with a Lou Reed-esque male vocal, setting the tone just right for this love song. Del Ray then takes over, her mind-blowing voice to flourish over the slightly warped pop beat, creating yet another dazzling slice of old-school pop that will wow critics and live audiences. Lana Del Ray is one of the most promising acts out there, and has the talent and personality to make it big. Watch The Music Ninja for more on this impressive singer. 

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

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