If there’s something that electro fans struggle with, it’s communicating their love for the genre to non-electro fans. If you find yourself sympathizing with the aforementioned, look no further than this Ianborg remix to show your non-electro friends. You might even win a few converts!

Ianborg takes Ben Howard’s Old Pine song and does what truly talented DJs do: he creates a new piece of art using an existing piece–without losing the effect of original. Ianborg keeps the dreamy and nostalgic feel of “Old Pines” by carefully selecting and arranging key images in the original songwriter’s lyrics and giving them front stage in the remix. The song opens with a piano accompanying the original guitar work, setting the stage for a gentle transition into the electronic crecendo. The beat never elevates beyond to anything you could dance to, but serves as the perfect backdrop for the vocals to float through. The overall tone of the song would be perfect for a cocktail party with old friends, or the completion of a long night out with new ones.

If you are a fan of the original song, give this remix a whirl. Ianborg has managed to pay homage to this original folky hit while creating something new and remarkable himself.

’Ben Howard – Old Pine (Ianborg Remix)’
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