A few weeks ago, we happened to stumble upon the Deep House sensation, Bipolar Theory (Whyel & JDefeats) and their phenomenal remix of Disclosure’s, “Latch”. Just when we thought the internet had had enough of hearing the the classic baby-makin’ song of the year, Bipolar Theory took a risk and unleashed a beast of a remix that we still have at the top of our playlists to this day. Their debut remix set the pace for their new side project as a duo in which Whyel and JDefeats are taking on an entirely new side of dance music by producing Deep House (which is essentially the exact opposite of what they make individually). Deep House has progressed to a point where it has put us all into a giant melting pot full of roaring bass lines, groovy synth melodies, pitched vocals, and a undeniable urge to go one deeper. Now that we have reached a shift in tastes as a culture, Bipolar Theory dropped in at the perfect time to take the world by their hand and lead us all down to the dance floor.

Today we are pleased to be premiering Bipolar Theory’s debut Polar EP and have been sitting on this release for much longer than we could actually handle. This EP has been something we’ve been waiting to have sent our way for quite some time now and just when we thought we had heard it all, Bipolar Theory takes their unique identities and sound to a much deeper level. After listening through all 3 tracks, we felt as if we had just got back from dancing for 8 hours straight in a hot and sweaty club in Ibiza.  The opening track of the EP, “Another Night”, is a combination of heavy-hitting synths, stabby piano melodies, and a bass line to make you feel some type of way. The second track of the EP, “Dreamers”, is a little less dark but still maintains that club nature that Carl Cox would be proud of. The final track on the EP, “Resusci”, closes out the EP with its dark, grimey, and filthy progression in which we are led down a rabbit hole of acid-like thoughts and images of DJ Hanzel spiraling around us. If you haven’t yet lived the magic of Bipolar Theory, we recommend you take the next 13 minutes and 23 seconds to introduce yourselves to the dark side by going 3 time deeper than normal.

’Another Night’
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