Broken Social Scene
Right when Broken Social Scene hit their stride with You Forgot It In People and especially on their self-titled third album, they sounded like a band that could fly apart at any second. Those albums sounded like anything could happen, and it usually did… sultry R&B breakdowns, gorgeous ambient segues, skittering electronic production…rap interludes. Five years later, the Canadian supergroup has returned under the production of Tortoise mastermind John McEntire and emerged with the leanest, most straight-ahead rock record of their career. With Forgiveness Rock Record the listener is finally able to pin down the influences of bandleaders Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. On the Canning-fronted numbers “Water in Hell” and “Highway Slipper Jam,” classic rock elders (or near-contemporaries) hold commanding sway. Drew, half dirty-talking-ladies-man, half world-weary-scholar, writes songs that go straight for the gut. Penning slow-building rockers like the excellent first single “World Sick” and the super-tight “Forced to Love,” Drew is in full command as a band leader, his voice acting as a voracious instrument itself, emotionally transparent and incredibly expressive. Read full review at

Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill


Broken Social Scene – World Sick

’Broken Social Scene – 01 World Sick.mp3′
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