Supermelodic Pulp is the five-song debut EP from Astronauts, etc. Contrary the plurality of the name, Astronauts, etc. is the solo project of UC Berkeley grad Anthony Ferraro. Each piece of the EP is rooted in a different reverberating, instrumental lick. Ferraro wrote, recorded, and mixed each song, layering the pulsing beats with his own harmonizing vocals. While “You can Tell” and “Mystery Colors” have gotten the most play and attention (and for good reason), I feel the EP’s kick-off track “Airborne” is the paragon. Think Neon Indian with simplified vocals mixed with Washed Out‘s dreamy, rolling beats. The EP dropped earlier in the month, and you can get it for $5 here.

’Astronauts, etc. – Airborne’

’Astronauts, etc. – Mystery Colors’

’Astronauts, etc. – Labyrinth’

’Astronauts, etc. – You Can Yell’

’Astronauts, etc. – Foreign Sounds’
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