A beautiful work of musical art comes to us from DJ/Producer Kastle, hailing from San Francisco, CA.  He takes the concept of bass-heavy music and tweaks it with his own soulful style.  A true master of his craft, Barrett Richards (going under the moniker Kastle) began working with electronic music at age 14, giving him 14 years of experience to date.  His work meshes the styles of hip-hop, R&B, and dubstep music to form one unified, angelic sound.

The most recent track to be perfected by Kastle is “Cut It Out” by Kitten.  Not yet released, but still receiving favorable compliments from around the blogosphere, the song exemplifies his work to the fullest.  Alluring vocals accompanied by up-tempo drumbeats, bass and a simple guitar riff showcase what the producer can create.  Take the time to check out his other works, as many of them can be downloaded for free off of his site.

’Kitten – Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)’
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