Nowadays anyone can just label music and run with it (including yours truly) and while I still think there should be some guildelines to coming up with names, music is subjective and so is its labeling. The term chillwave has popularized itself throughout the music blogosphere when describinng soft, mellow breezy electronic pop music. This ofcourse brings me to Niva, Feverish Dreams Upcoming EP 2010 Cover ArtChristian Niva. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, this solo artsit once known as “The Quiet Boy” will be releasing a wonderfully soothing EP titled Feverish Dreams on Aug 31st. Off this collection of beautiful electronica songs, here are two tracks that will hopefully drown you in a wave of chill.

Niva – Ghost In My Head

’Ghost In My Head.mp3′

Niva – The Boy From The Sun

’The Boy From The Sun.mp3′
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