Chuck Season 3 Finale Soundtrack Chuck Versus the Subway  The Ring Part 2

Season 3 came to a closing and I will hold myself to from disclosing any spoilers just because Season finale are always a sensitive subject for the people who have not seen it yet. Lets get right to it. Here is the Chuck Season 3 finale soundtrack songs.

Chuck Versus the Subway:
The Song playing at the market as Chuck enjoys the blueberries is The High Road by Broken Bells, an indie rock duo consisting of producer Danger Mouse and Shins frontman James Mercer. The Single “The High Road” was released on December 21, 2009.

Mp3: Broken Bells – The High Road


Off the latest album from Band of Horses released May 14 2010 comes a soft somber song titled ‘Neighbor’. It is this song that was playing on the first episode of the season finale as in Chuck gets the governor and convinces his father to stay and help. Bartowski FTW.

[Preview] Band of Horses – Neighbor

’Band of Horses – Neighbor.mp3′

When [Bleep] is [Bleep] by [Bleep]… and everything goes CRAZY…and a bit depressing… it was Nico Stai’s mellow and heartfelt song One October Song that took the scene to a whole new level.

Stream: Nico Stai – One October Song

MGMT’s new song Congratulations was playing in the background as Alex arrives at BuyMore and tries to get to Casey’s locker.

Mp3: MGMT – Congratulations


Chuck tells team about his [Bleep] and Ellie follows Shaw / Devon & Morgan attempt a rescue them was carried out by Menew’s on’t Give Up On Us Now

Stream: Menew – Don’t Give Up On Us Now

The following tracks were also included in the season finale chuck vs The Ring Part 2

By the second half of the finale of tv show chuck we start so see a pattern emerge. Yet another song from American rock band Band of Horses. This time it is ‘On My Way Back Home’ that served as a soft bridge between a thrilling action packed finale. Way Back Home was also replayed at the end of the episode.

Chuck & Sarah enter security summit with Sundial by Australian hard rock band Wolfmother.
Stream: Wolfmother – Sundial

Right before Chuck needed a “reboot” it was Jeff and Lester take on Blaze Of Glory by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi – Blaze Of Glory

Stream Don’t Hideaway – Bishop Allen

If you missed previous soundtracks before the season finale of Chuck, check out our soundtrack section.

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