I know I have not been posting many chuck season 4 soundtracks but you really thought I would forget about the FINALE?? Not in the slightest! The show has been a bit inconsistent this season with many highs and lows but they completely wrapped the season with one of the sweetest collection of songs we’ve seen so far.

First up is the morning scene as Chuck and Sarah wake up anxious about the wedding. We here a sweet and playful folk song appear in the background. The song is titled “Here with Me” by Battleme a brainchild of Matt D from Lions (Austin, TX).

Amazon: Battleme – Here with me

’03 – Here With Me.mp3′

Obviously what is some Chuck without some upbeat music from BRMC?
Youtube: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Conscience Killer

In the heart warming pre-wedding practice, “Firewood” by Oregon’s very own Typhoon serenading in the background, leading up to Jonsi’s “Sinking Friendships” off his latest album GO released in 2010. Honorable mentions also goes to the use of Fanfarlo’s “I’m a Pilot” that has been broadly used among a lot of other tv shows.

Amazon: Typhoon – Firewood

’05 – Firewood.mp3′

Jónsi – Sinking Friendships

’05 sinking friendships.mp3′

Youtube: Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot

The songs for Chuck season 4 finale soundtrack versus cliffhanger were, for the most part, a soft and quite bunch that carried the emotional episode all the way till the very end scene with Morgan on the floor (spoiler alert!) having activated the Intercept on himself.

Here is the quick list of the Season 4 Episode 24 Finale music:

– Battleme – Here With Me
– Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Conscience Killer
– Fanfarlo = I’m a Pilot
– Typhoon – Firewood
– Jónsi – Sinking Friendships

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