TMNCoachThe spectacle and legend of Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival seems to grow every year and, although it’s certainly reached a critical mass at this point, it proves time and time again to be worth the trip. After breaking box office records for consecutive years, Coachella continues blazing ahead in 2015 with a deep, diverse lineup and some of their most ambitious projects to date including their largest investment in art installations ever. With the first weekend kicking off this Friday, the set times for Coachella were finally let loose yesterday bringing up the regular scheduling conflicts and tough decisions. To make things easier for you all, we’ve decided to lay out our top acts to see every day chronologically. We hope this serves as a useful guide as you prepare for the whirlwind of emotion that is Coachella. Best advice we can give you all: keep good company, don’t sweat (figuratively, of course, perspiration is imminent) and most importantly be safe. Hope to run in to some of you ninjas there!

P.S. We didn’t forget the Do Lab! You can find our Do Lab picks on the final page.

Day 1


Vic Mensa

Coachella Stage | 1:20PM

Why: Vic Mensa first visited the legendary grounds of Indio as a member of Kids These Days back in 2013. Now a solo act, Vic spent much of 2014 cultivating his own identity and sound. Though it remains to be seen if he can top the memorable show put on by SaveMoney brethren Chance The Rapper at last year’s festival, be prepared for one of the more vibrant performances of the weekend from the dynamic emcee. –Baseer A.

’Drive Me Crazy (featuring Vic Mensa)’


c8339f4a9b0b47ccd67a1cc34016b9e8-640x360Peking Duk

Sahara | 1:20PM

Why: As music continues to evolve, Australia seems to be about 10 steps ahead of everyone else, and one such artist that seems to be paving a new road in music are Aussie boys, Peking Duk. Tommy Trash nails it when he says “Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better”.-Brooke F.

’Peking Duk – High (ft. Nicole Millar)’

img-sylvan-esso_080725409435Sylvan Esso

Mojave | 3:40PM

Why: Combining gorgeous vocals with minimalistic electronic production, Sylvan Esso have a beautiful, playful aesthetic. The duo are sure to put on an enchanting show.- Ash E. 

’Sylvan Esso – Coffee’


Keys N Krates

Sahara | 4:50PM 

Why: Canadian electronic trio, Keys N Krates, have proven ahead of the curve with their cross-genre, trap-influenced style of club music. They’ve got an energetic fully live set suited well for large venues. – Ash E.

’Keys N Krates – Treat Me Right’


Oliver Heldens 

Sahara | 6PM

Why: It’s time we see the 20-year-old take future bass to the biggest stage. Oliver Heldens is one of the pioneers of this popular sound and genre and it’ll be exciting to see him on this scale. – Ivan C.

’Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive)’

steely_danSteely Dan

Coachella Stage | 8:15PM 

Why: I think this goes without saying, but how many chances will you have to lounge out to Steely Dan in your life? Probably a handful at this point. And this is one of them.- Matt B.

’Steely Dan – Do It Again ORIGINAL’

OXD_ChrisMalinchakSantosChris Malinchak

Yuma | 8:35PM

Why: Chris Malinchak has an extremely distinct, uplifting production style utilizing lush instrumentation to create infectious tunes. Malinchak has already received co-signs from superstars and he never disappoints when he puts out new music. – Ash E.

’Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me’



Mojave | 8:40PM

Why: Electronic artists who perform full live sets are almost always on point. The multi-talented, versatile Caribou is a verteran in the scene and his latest album is absolutely stunning. His set promises to be a powerful one equal parts emotional and dancy. -Ash E.

’Caribou – Can’t Do Without You’


Outdoor Stage | 9:35 PM

Why: “It feels like Nero is reaching in to my head and massaging me brain with bass.” – Ash at Coachella 2012

’Nero – The Thrill’


Coachella Stage | 10:35 PM

Why: Ok, we know that this is the one booking that may have people scratching their heads. A lot of kids going to Coachella probably couldn’t name a single AC / DC song, but for us, this is a must see. You can’t pass an opportunity to see one of the most legendary, groundbreaking, and timeless bands ever. Even if they’ve lost a step, it’s still worth every glorious minute. – Clayton W.

’AC/DC – Highway to Hell’

Day 2


Gobi | 12:35PM

Why: Bristol-based band, Coasts, are on the brink of something special. The five-piece group have already crafted some of the most infectious, explosive indie rock we’ve heard in a long time and Coachella should be an awesome time in their career to catch them. – Ash E.

’Coasts – A Rush Of Blood’

Ryn-WeaverRyn Weaver

Mojave | 1:15PM

Why: The Cashmere Cat and Jessie Ware supported vocalist is a pop star in the making. Her debut “OctaHate” hit over 2 million plays recently and she even has already performed on Letterman. Ryn Weaver may be in small letters now, but over the next fews years that is definitely about to change. – Mitch M.

’Ryn Weaver – OctaHate’


Alison Wonderland

Sahara | 2:30 PM

Why: Alison Wonderland’s debut album, Run, has cemented her as yet another exciting and cutting-edge electronic act out of Australia. Her ear for intricate, bass-influenced production makes for some enormous tunes that will help kickstart your Saturday. – Ash E.

’Alison Wonderland – I Want U’


Toro y Moi

Mojave | 4:20PM

Why: Toro y Moi aka Chaz Bundick puts on a diverse and varied show that matches the range of his catalogue. See our recent event review to get a sense of just how awesome his live show is.- Ash E.

’Toro Y Moi – Empty Nesters’

img-chet-faker_075317805564Chet Faker

Outdoor Stage | 5:10PM

Why: Holding it down for all the independent artists out there, Chet Faker brings excitement and gives his 110% everytime he’s on stage. Fusing soul with trip hop, this guy can do it all. You definitely don’t want to miss what he has to bring to a major festival like Coachella. – Ivan C.

’Chet Faker – 1998’

run-the-jewels-cover-1373904337Run the Jewels

Mojave | 6:55PM

Why: Run the Jewels’s album has widely been regarded as one of the best albums of 2014–it’s full of energy, intelligence and humor. By all accounts, their live performances pack an incredible punch that’ll get just about anyone moshing, which is not necessarily what you’d expect from hip-hop performance. – Ash E.

’Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (Feat. Zack de la Rocha)’


Coachella Stage | 7:30PM

Why: After having seen alt-j’s live performance at Coachella in 2011, one could say that their set completely transformed my perception of music in every way possible. The UK band have made their way onto the forefront of Alternative Rock and continue to evolve their unique and timeless resonance. If you want to experience a taste of profoundly good music with live instrumentation, then alt-j is just what you need to feed your soul. – Brooke F.

’Alt J – Left Hand Free’



Mojave | 9:30PM

Why: Although Tycho’s music has a supremely laid-back and relaxing vibe, their performances are able to combine that chilled-out approach with a unique punch of energy for a blissful live set. With their light set up, seeing Tycho after dark also is not something you want to miss. – Ash E.

’Tycho – L’


Sahara | 11:15PM

Why: It’s as simple as this: Ratatat is back on tour and taking to the festival circuit. This live instrumentation/production group is finally returning to grace our ears after a long absence. It’s definitely been felt. Hopefully we’ll be hearing album news in the near future. – Mitch M.

’Ratatat – One’

homepage_large.c6c55cb2The Weeknd

Coachella Stage | 11:25PM

Why: We’re definitely curious to see how Abel’s music translates to the large outdoor venue, though we have no doubt in his vocal abilities. The Weeknd’s first appearance at Coachella came in 2012, back when he was first being introduced to the world. He’s improved considerably as a performer since then, and is certainly worth checking out for that reason alone. – Baseer A.

’The Weeknd – High For This’

Day 3


Gobi | 2:25PM

Why: Danish vocalist MØ does pop music right. With a beautiful voice, a knack for odd-ball lyricism and an incredible catchiness, MØ makes for a perfect show to start your final day of Coachella. – Ash E.

’Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)’

Mac DeMarco Cigarette Heaven

Mac DeMarco

Outdoor Stage | 3:05PM

Why: With one of the best LP’s of 2014, Salad Days, and a gigantic, worldwide accompanying tour; Mac & friends have fully realized their potential as a live ensemble. We’ve heard some pretty shameless stories from some of their 2014 gigs, and we’d be remiss to miss out on the fun.  – Matt B.

’Mac DeMarco – Ode to Viceroy’


Circa Survive

Coachella Stage | 3:20PM

Why: When I realized that Circa Survive was listed on this years Coachella line-up, my inner middle school/high school/young adult self metaphorically fainted to the floor.  Circa Survive consistently continue to put forth some of the most lyrically moving and physically stimulating records. Do yourselves a favor and immerse yourselves in their work – we guarantee you’ll be hooked. – Brooke F.

’Circa Survive – Stop The Car’


What So Not

Sahara | 3:35PM

Why: The duo of Flume and Emoh Instead have consistently churned out massive remixes and original work that push boundaries on every release. You never can pinpoint just what they’ll do next, and that fact is just a small part of why these two are so exciting. – Mitch M.

’What So Not – Gemini Ft. George Maple’

st-lucia1St. Lucia 

Coachella Stage | 4:30PM

Why: St. Lucia is one of the strongest indie electronic acts on this year’s lineup. His radiant style, layered with synths and dreamy vocals, are further amplified in his dance-floor ready performances. – Ash E.

’St. Lucia – Elevate’

Jamie-xx-1Jamie xx 

Gobi | 8:20PM

Why: As producer and percussionist for The xx, Jamie xx has already established himself as one of the most influential artists of his generation. You will not want to miss him playing some of his solo work. His most recent single, “Loud Places,” features Romy of The xx and is just the kind of anthem that will blow you away at a festival. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Romy will make an appearance as well.

’Jamie xx – Loud Places (feat. Romy)’


J.E.S. + S. 

Yuma | 9PM

Why: For those in search of THE proper house & tech set of the weekend, look no further than the absurd team of Jackmaster (pictured left), Eats Everything, Skream & Seth Troxler. As they are closing out the Yuma at 9PM, Here’s to hoping they’re slated for at least a two hour time slot. – Matt B.

’Jackmaster – Mastermix 2014’


Sahara | 9:20PM

Why: French producer Gesaffelstein makes some of the dirtiest, bass-driven funky compositions you’ll hear. Even though it’s a dark aesthetic, when played live the quality of the music shines proving an absolute blast of a show. Coachella will be Gesaffelstein’s last ever fully live set so catch him while you can. – Ash E.

’Gesaffelstein – CONTROL MOVEMENT’


Gobi | 9:35PM

Why: Odesza’s unique brand of electronic music glimmers like the sun off the ocean but, speaking from experience, seeing them live takes the music’s beauty to a whole new level. They’ve got an epic stage set up along with great backing visuals that match the depth of their sound. It’s not a show you want to miss. – Ash E.

’ODESZA – Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)’



Gobi | 10:45PM

Why: Kaytranada has been pioneering the future R&B/soul movement for years now and it’s been paying off in big ways. He’s been pictured recently with Rick Rubin and has created countless hits with an array of artists. His live sets are soulful dance parties making him a great alternative to Drake to close out Coachella. – Ash E.

’MNEK – Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)’

Do Lab Picks

1973795_10153349209283054_4522864440143531101_oThe Do Lab, hosted by the founders of Lightning In a Bottle Festival, has long housed some of the most exciting up ‘n comers in dance music. Aside from having an epic, playground of a stage design, the Do Lab offers a place to get away from the crowds and see some of tomorrow’s stars before they hit the big time. You can find our top 6 picks below–keep in mind there are different lineups both weekends so we’ve separated by weekend.

Weekend 1

Lane-8-Press-1-624x421Lane 8

Friday @ 6:15PM

Why: Lane 8 has become an absolute force on Soundcloud with his upbeat, yet emotional brand of deep house. Should be a head-bobbing type of set. -Ash E.

’ODESZA – Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)’



Saturday @ 9PM 

Why: Falcons, of LA’s Athletixx crew, is pushing the boundaries of club music combining R&B and hip-hop undertones with forward-thinking production elements. He’ll be playing in his hometown so it’s sure to be a special set. – Ash E.

’GoldLink & Falcons – Vroom’

Hayden+James1Hayden James

Sunday @ 2:20PM

Why: There’s little doubt in our mind–Hayden James will be the next Australian electronic artist to find international acclaim. James had one of the best songs of 2015 with “Something About You” and, with the backing of heavyweight Australian label Future Classicthis year promises to be huge for him. Catch him while you can! – Ash E.

’Hayden James – Something About You’

Weekend 2

hMw9kpD8Louis Futon


Why: Another Soundcloud king, Louis Futon can do no wrong with his intricate, upbeat and playful sensibility towards production. Not only has the talented producer released some amazing remixes, his originals have proven superb as well. – Ash E.

’Just A Gent – Limelight (Louis Futon Remix)’



Why: Pomo’s synth-laden soundscapes make for an original groovy vibe that’ll definitely get you moving. – Ash E.

’Pomo – Start Again Ft. Andrea Cormier’



Why: Production duo TastyTreat are relatively new to us, but they’re at the forefront of the future bass movement with their emotional, R&B-influenced style. If you’re looking to learn some about the current direction of electronic music, TastyTreat should be the perfect introduction.

’Cathedrals – Want My Love (TastyTreat X BLACK MONDAY Remix)’
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