It is so funny to see how the entire music blogosphere completely loses their shit whenever Radiohead or Justice releases a track. Huge fan and a lot of respect to both, but really people? It is music, it will always mean something different to each one of us and I want to take the opportunity to really discuss this track with you, our readers. Everything that has a lot of hype will always be scrutinized, and I feel like a lot of people are saying they are disappointed with this track…

Well first, I have yet to listen a 320kbs version and basing my opinion on a crappy rip version is completely the opposite of what The Music Ninja is all about. Of what I heard so far, I have very much enjoyed it and the fact that it is reminiscent of 80’s classic rock “Queen” sound is completely refreshing in 2011. This track has the same attitude rock had in the 80’s where it was less about being popular and more about rocking out and feeling the music.

Do you hate it? Do you love it? Do you care?

Whoever you are, leave a comment below (or click here) and telling us if you like it nor not. Thanks!

Justice – Civilization

’Civilization Original Mix.mp3′

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