‘Take My Gun’ was created out of frustration with foreign Visa’s, embassies, promoters and provides Russian producer DJ Antention with his debut on The Music Ninja. With a drop that just engulfs you in synths, the track weaves into pretty interesting timings which sounds… well… hefty!

Dj Antention – Take my Gun (Original Mix) Track Removed by artist on soundcloud

Update: DJ Antention just dropped this literally an hour after this post… here you go:

Dj Antention – D.G.G.A.B.Y.B.(Original mix)

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A lot of the new Dubstep/Moommbah/Slapstep [yep that’s now a genre!] we’re hearing is getting harder and harder, more technical, more screeches, more, more, more! A freind recently told me he thinks “Dubstep is what Emo was in the late 90’s, targetted at sweaty C.O.D playing teenagers who need some outlet of all that built up anger they’re getting over their ‘lame’ parents and so the sound just get’s harder and harder.

Given that the majority sex at a dubstep gig is usually sweaty males, all of which attempting to catch the eye of the rare woman in the room  – does he have a point? Secondly… does that put me in the same camp as a sweaty teenager? Suddenly I’m feeling very insecure… but I’m still loving my dubstep 🙂


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