It takes a village. That’s the mantra that this DC, Maryland, and Virginia-based collective are using as the catalyst behind their creative endeavor. And, from what we’re seeing and hearing from their first album together, You’re Welcome produces a cohesive vibe that has us bobbing our heads, tapping our feet, and looking ahead into the rest of our long weekend.

Dope Music Village, aka DMV, is comprised of three unique artists, each of which brings their own individualistic creative visions to this project. The name is a play off of two things: the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), and the village centers that make up their hometown of Columbia. Together, it’s setting the framework for what Nature Boi, Brian Rapp, and Ezko are crafting.

In 2015 we formed a collective known as Dope Music Village. We have adapted the motto, “it takes a village” because it reflects our ethos when it comes to our music scene. Everything we do is collaborative and inclusive. When we put together shows we partner with other collectives and groups instead of keeping everything in house. Our website even features other local artists who we think make good music. We truly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. – Brain Rapp

Musically, this trio covers a broad breadth of hip-hop and R&B influences that span across nuances of multiple decades. What drew us in at first was an advance listen of “Venting” which features Liqui. The pronounced percussion, fluttering brass sample, and organic vocal harmonies call on associations of legends like De La Soul and Jurassic 5. Yet, as classic as the beat and flows feel, the production brings it forth into current times, blending the best of both worlds effortlessly. It’s the perfect addition to kicking the night off, maybe spouting off the chorus as you get cleaned up and ready to hit the town.

Other tracks provide a more modern, bass-heavy, trap offering, yet still carry the DMV originality throughout. “Hands and Bands” boasts a heavy 808 kick, window-rattling bassline, quick rolling hi-hat hits, and verses that will have you primed and ready for an epic night out. Should you find yourself at late-night after party, this will serve as the perfect soundtrack. Conversely, if you head home with someone who caught your interest instead of going to that after party, maybe you’d prefer to round out your evening with “Ms. Amerykah Badu,” which features a silky smooth beat and evocative lyrics worthy of a permanent addition into your bedroom playlist.

Wherever this weekend takes you, you’re now set up with a tasty set of tracks to cover any situation you should come up on. Whether it’s smoking out at home, or hitting the clubs with your fam, Dope Music Village has you covered. Make sure to show some proper support by picking up You’re Welcome on Bandcamp.

’Dope Music Village – Feel It’
’Dope Music Village – It’s Been Lit Ever Since’
’Dope Music Village – Hands & Bands (feat. Stef Is Dope)’
’Dope Music Village – Inhale Mary’
’Dope Music Village – This Is It (feat. Liqui)’
’Dope Music Village – Ms. Amerykah Badu’
’Dope Music Village – 5011 (feat. S.U. The Clique)’
’Dope Music Village – Venting (feat. Liqui)’
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