Andrew Hu, who performs under the moniker Feint, has solidified his status within the drum and bass sector of electronic music as a formidable figure. His career, marked by a series of milestones, has seen him amass a staggering number of streams in the hundreds of millions, while also maintaining a robust monthly listenership on Spotify that nears 770,000. Feint’s influence extends beyond mere numbers; his early collaboration with Monstercat set a precedent, making him one of the pioneering figures in the genre. This collaboration, among others with notable artists like Koven, MUZZ, Fox Stevenson, and Laura Brehm, has not only broadened his sonic horizons but also affirmed his place as a key influencer in drum and bass music.

Feint’s journey is characterized by memorable performances worldwide, including significant festivals and tours in places as far-reaching as China. His musical offerings, which include hits like “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words,” demonstrate a rare ability to blend emotive melodies with the energetic pace of drum and bass, resonating with a global audience.

His latest endeavor, “Farcall,” represents a pivotal moment in Feint’s career, as it’s only the second time he has chosen to release music independently. This track delves deep into the essence of drum and bass, offering listeners a mix of epic soundscapes and introspective moments, all while showcasing Feint’s technical skill and originality.

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