Back in June, an unidentified track was released that was rumored to be a collaboration between Nero and Skrillex. Rips of the track emerged from all corners of the internet and despite the constant clamoring for more information about the origin and release of the song no more information was divulged. Well, it seems today is our lucky day, because just hours ago Nero released this infamous track on their souncloud as a free download. “Won’t You (Be There)” is a massive original track from the UK duo that they have been destroying dance floors with during their live sets for the past few months. “Won’t You” along with “Etude” are two new originals that will be featured on the re-release of Welcome to Reality, which is set to drop on October 22nd. So until then I highly suggest you click the download button and revel in the glory that is Nero. Enjoy.

’Nero – Won’t You (Be There)’
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