Part of our job is to scour the internet for the best tunes for you to enjoy. Most of the time it’s time consuming, but sometimes we can jump over to one of our friend’s sites and pick up something great. That’s the case with Sylvane. We were browsing through the new releases on the Global Dance Music site and came across this relatively unknown artist.

All we can really say about Sylvane is that he’s from Tennessee, and he’s a part of Ego Lab (a new label). The two songs below are part of an EP that will be released on January 24th via Beatport. What we really dug about Sylvane’s style was the beautifully produced big room synths that make for incredible build-ups. While this would be enough for us to post, the addition of the frenetic Wolfgang Gartner-esque electro drops made this all to easy for us to share.

Sylvane – Sequence (Original Mix)

’317_Sequence (Original Mix).mp3′

Sylvane – Get Down (Original Mix)
’318_Get Down (Original Mix).mp3′
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